How do I get to the Dread Waste?

I'm pretty sure I've done all the required quest in the Valley of the Four Winds because I have searched the whole area and not seen a single quest giver. I've also got the achev for doing all the quest in that zone. Any help would be much appreciated.
You do not get to the Dread Wastes from 4 Winds. You get there from Townlong Steppes in a few places, the flight master in Kun Lai that is near the entrance to Townlong, and your faction's "city" in Vale of Eternal Blossoms. Each of these places gives a quest to the Bowmistress on top of the wall.

If you want to just walk into the Dread Wastes you can swim around from Krasarang. You can even go to the bottom of the wall where the Bowmistress is, and use the rope to get up to her. And if you want you can jump down off the wall into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms to get to the new faction "cities" and make them your hearth. At lower levels though, Blizzard does some wacky things with flight points, etc. but that is another issue.
On my warlock : I just used eye of kilrogg to put a portal on top of the wall and teleported up.
I went swimming around the wall. :/
I did the same thing. Just hit 90 myself!
I had a friend two-seater-taxi my alts to the bowmistress location. Then I found out the breadcrumb giver under the Shrine gives you that flightpath automatically.

This one just flew there since I got to 90 halfway thru Kun-Lai. =P
I just went up the wall from Shado-Pan Fallback in southern Kun-Lai Summit, and just walked straight there! :) easy easy easy
there should have been a very long quest chain that lead there there a flight path also after you free there leaders

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