[Bug] Some Wild Battle Pets uncapturable.

Bug Report
Update: confirmed this phenomenon is unintended and a bug. Patch 5.1. should see the beginning of these "pets" being removed from the pet battle system, starting with the Gazelle.



I call them the missingno's of WoW.

My observations so far:
* randomly occurs during wild pet battles
* brought in as the secondary "wild" pet, summoned based on current zone
* some of these "wild" pets are not listed in the pet journal at all, so they technically don't "exist," while those that are listed in the journal supposedly should not be available through wild battles at all
* none are able to be captured once weakened; trap tooltip states this in red, and the trap never triggers on low health
-- side-note - the trap tooltip spells "capturable" incorrectly as "caputurable" (see screenshot below)
* the quality can be any that an actual, capturable wild pet could be (poor, common, uncommon, rare). I have personally seen one of each (for posterity, the rare quality is included below, because ouch, that one made me sad to see).

The list:
* Mule Deer - confirmed to appear as a Stonetalon Mountains secondary
* Gazelle - confirmed to appear as a Desolace and a Barrens secondary
* Ram - confirmed to appear as a Hillsbrad Foothills and a Wetlands secondary
* Ancona Chicken - confirmed to appear as a 1k Needles secondary
* Jade Tiger - zone unconfirmed; wowhead comments suggest this is appearing as an Ashenvale secondary

I have had this with the Mule Deer and Gazelle. I was upset these weren't tameable because it would be nice to have another AOE healer like my Crawdad.

The Ancona Chicken is in fact a secondary battle pet in 1k needles. I wasn't able to tame it. I had it appear with some common pets while waiting on the cliffs with the twilight camp respawns. I had 2 spawn out of maybe 7-9 battles and I think they were green quality.
Updated, and yes, it's incredibly frustrating not being able to snag these!
The ram from Wetlands does this as well.
They aren't able to be caught because they're not actually a pet listed in your pet journal. I'm pretty sure it's intended to be this way and not a bug.
Yes, as noted already, some of them don't appear to be listed in the journal. How is that intended? It's been my understanding that the point of pet battles out in the wild is... to catch the wild pets encountered.

Further, past hotfixes were applied to force other "missing" pets to show up in the journal. I believe crimson moth, silkbeard snail, wharf rat, etc., were some of those (http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6758455937?page=5#85). Supposedly this is going to be fixed with maintenance, but they may have missed the ones listed in the original post if no one reported them and assumed it was intended.

In addition to this, some--like the chicken and the tiger both--actually are listed, yet are only listed as available through their respective means--such as vendor and promotion, in this case--and not as wild-caught.

So, if this behaviour somehow is intended--even thought I disagree--having missing information in the tooltips is still a bug (and capturable is spelled wrong, anyway).
The Ram was and is listed in my pet journal. (I check my journal before every capture to make sure I don't already have it)
That's interesting, Miyokumew! My journal only lists "little black ram" and not the giant white-skin "Ram" critter that shows up. If it's showing up in yours and not mine, that's even worse than I originally thought, as far as what's buggy.

Edit: Were you actually able to capture one? I'm curious to see whether there's any correlation between missing in the journal, and thus unable to capture.
Updating and bumping this back up; with the 5.1 ptr stating "Fixed a bug where the Gazelle would join pet battles" I just want to remind that there are more than just the Gazelle doing this, so hopefully developers are paying attention to that.

Also grateful at least for blue confirmation stating this oddity is definitely not intended, as I suspected.

I guess at least it confirms they can be all qualities... Ouch.

Edit: It's still spelled "caputurable" in the trap tooltip. As in my patience in seeing shinies I can't have is kaput. 8D

Edit again: not 2 minutes later... another rare Ram. :'(


Edit the third: ...RNG is killing me here. I just want a skunk!

I had a gazelle show up just yesterday in Mannoroc Coven - it was gorgeous, I wanted to catch it!

P.S. Astarin, nice documentation, thumbs up.
I had a gazelle show up just yesterday in Mannoroc Coven - it was gorgeous, I wanted to catch it!

P.S. Astarin, nice documentation, thumbs up

IKR? I really want some of the random Ram and Gazelle skins. It makes me really sad to kill them. :(

And thanks! I'm hoping these efforts will be useful for pinpointing what's going on. Obviously I can't see what coding is doing this, but I figure if I keep taking snapshots of where, when, and with what pets, it might help pinpoint, at the very least, the situations that might be replicable for devs.
Aside from the squirrels in Wetlands, looks like I'm now getting a string of rare rams from the maggots in Hillsbrad.

Now it's mule deers that are taunting me.

...Meanwhile I try not to panic and run into the other room while attempting to farm for a venomspitter hatchling.

(why so many spiders ;A; AND SPIDERS IN THE TREES AUGHWHY)
Confirmed bug (at least that I saw). Had a Mule Deer down around 20-30 health in a 2-pet wilderness battle where Mule Deer was the 2nd pet. Did not have one (yet) in pet list and could not trap it (and did not trap the first pet in battle).
wouldn't the fact that there is a custom tooltip for pets that cannot be captured indicate that it is intended you are unable to capture every pet you fight

If you were supposed to be able to capture every pet you battle, they would not have spent the time to add "Your enemy pet is not capturable." The typo even proves a human wrote it and acknowledged the purpose and intent of it, rather than just being filled in by computer syntax logic
- It isn't listed in the pet journal as a capturable pet.
- The tooltip says you can't capture it.
- You can't actually capture it.
- It's not part of any achievement where you have to capture all the pets.

I'm pretty sure it isn't bugged, and it just isn't meant to be captured.

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To both cuteicle and Khevyn, this is a known, and confirmed bug. I've mentioned this before, but here's the quote from the 5.1 patch notes as further reminder.

Fixed a bug where the Gazelle would join pet battles.


I can also provide screenshots of a talk I had with a GM, if you like.

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