[H] Entry Level - Area 52

Guild Recruitment
<Entry Level> (Horde - Area 52) is a progression oriented raiding guild looking to make a fresh start after losing much of its core and changing leadership several times over the last expansion. We are looking to build a 25m roster that runs on a light 3 Night raid schedule.

As of now, we are openly recruiting all players interested in progressing through 25m Content in Mists of Pandaria; more information, as well as an application, can be found at entrylevel.enjin.com or by contacting Brokensword or myself in game.

Raid Times: Tues / Weds / Sun 8-11pm EST
Don't be shy.
So early on a Sunday morning.
We have pandas. :(
Still looking for a Shield Tank, Heals, and DPS
We won't bite, don't be shy.
Hi guys.
Hey hey hey
What are you looking at for a raid schedule?
Tues / Weds / Sun 8 - 11pm EST
Morning bumpage.

Still looking for a shield tanks, heals, and dps
Up we go.
To the top.
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Yay pandas.
Yay killing stuff
Pentt sucks, memoirs is awesome, allure is bored.
Did I read correctly on the forums that Pentt is an officer... How did that happen and why. We are all doomed!

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