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If the bird "swooped down and took it before you could dismount", then so would any other flying character in his position. Once you start herbing, no-one else can take the node. He beat you to it and your lag possibly made you see it otherwise.

You do know it takes a split second before you start herbing off a mount. It dismounts and you start. The druid did not have to dismount so if we got to it at the same time his flight form gave him a edge.

Man common sense is missing in this day and age.
No, there isn't. It looks like there is on your end. The action of herbing makes you dismount, and that action is registered server-side, not client side. When you see yourself dismount, you have already dismounted a "split second" beforehand and begun to herb. The action of herbing is the cause of the dismount, and begins simultaneously on the server end.

Then why not make a druid to farm herbs? Also..yeah i was there in BC and that whole "jack of all trades and master of none" stuff sucked...badly. Because we could do a lot of stuff...it was never good to be brought for dungeons and raids. I was so happy when blizzard moved to the whole "bring the player not the class".

also in case this turns into the usual "nerf flight form" stuff...nerf crusader first and then i'll be willing to listen.

it was nerfed, its not longer party wide.
Which is very relevant to this thread, because herbing parties are all the rage.

Wait, what?
10/06/2012 06:04 PMPosted by Ràger
So you're taking the time to click off your mount, then go and click the herb, just so that you can gather it... Buddy this one is your fault.

I know this might be hard to understand, but clicking on it there is still a very brief delay dismounting and herbing. Druids don't have it and is enough to beat most people most of the time.

So bite me.

Who the !@#$ has a non druid herbalist?
You know what's even better? A Rogue sapping you as you're herbing/mining and taking it from you, then stealthing away.
10/07/2012 08:02 AMPosted by Elysiah
You know what's even better? A Rogue sapping you as you're herbing/mining and taking it from you, then stealthing away.

If the Rogue WAS A BIRD and sapped you, you might feel differently.

Let's be honest here.

Druids, worst class ever or worst class ever?
My hunter doesn't have an issue farming things with druids around. Because having a pet to take aggro on things (or ice trap) is nice. You should have thought more about what your farming toon would be, or don't complain.

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