A[Infernal Affairs] Is Recruiting for 25mans!

Guild Recruitment
Infernal Affairs Is back to tackle the challenges that 25 man raids offer for the Mists of Pandaria!

We're currently recruiting ranged dps and a few healers to fill out our current roster. Our guild has a rich history with progressive raiding spanning throughout all of the WoW expansions with numerous heroic kills and achievements. We're looking for several people willing to commit and join us in killing bosses.

Currently we're 3/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults in 10man. Looking to bring this success over to 25s.

25 mans offer more loot opportunities with a more rewarding experience. We ask raiders to be punctual, dedicated and with an understanding of what is required of them by being part of a raiding team (i.e. Don't stand in bad stuff, repair before coming, bring your own consumables, know your class and mechanics)

Raid days/times

    Mondays: 7-10 server [10-1 EST]
    Tuesdays: 7-10 server [10-1EST}
    Thursdays: 7-10 server [10-1EST]

We use Mumble to raid and it is required.

Loot is distributed by loot council for progression based distribution

Current List of Classes and Priority need

    Death Knight: High{DPS}
    Druid: Healer {High}
    Monk: Super High {All Specs}
    Paladin: Low
    Rogue: Medium
    Shaman:Medium {All Specs}
    Warlock: High
    Warrior: Low

We are willing to make exceptions for exceptional applicants. We just ask for all interested applicants to go through a short mumble interview.

Also we ask applicants to ...
  • be 18+ years of age.
  • maintain 80% attendance, more is strongly encouraged.
  • Be able to provide Quick communication with the raid, including...fluency in English, Mumble, a mic.
  • Have the highest level of gear available to the applicant (heroic, Justice point, rep,and crafted gear)
  • Be motivated to research gear upgrades, ability usage, raid encounters.
  • Give and receive constructive criticism on the spot to master new encounters.
  • Come to raids prepared with enough food buffs and flasks or elixirs to last the entire raid.
  • Have prior raiding experience, the more challenging the better

Please contact Either Xaisis - xaisis#1438
Plumpie, or Smidget for any recruitment questions
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