Warlock LF raiding guild

Hey all,
I'm a returning wow player looking to get back into raiding.
I had sold my last wow account since I had decided to quit the game in cata and never come back but i guess that didn't work out very well.
I'm looking for a casual/hardcore raiding guild that starts raiding at 9pm EST (well its only on Tuesdays because i have class till 8.30)
Started the game in wrath, really got into raiding around ToC.
Killed H lich king before cata.
Killed H rag before dragon soul.
Cleared 7/12 heroic of BoT/BWD/To4W when it was current and the rest when firelands came out (so that doesnt count).
Just reply to this post or catch me online if there are any more questions.
We still need a lock whisper Rajlok in game for more info, goodluck:D


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