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Hello everyone I'm enjoying Mop a lot, but i thought this would be a fun Idea!

My real predection: World of Warcraft: Rejuvenation( Rebuild from cata possibly)

My fun prediction: World of Warcraft: Gamon's Revenge( Come on that would be cool haha)
World of Warcraft: Poop
/pulls up "the file".

let's see here...where was it...eve PI stuff...a copy of the guy rp'ing with his backup recruitment post...

I relly need to start giving names to these files...

here it is.

the file says:

Legion Set

K'aresh - 96 to 99
Argus Meadowlands - 97 to 100
Mac'Aree - 99 to 100
Maw of Oblivion - 100+
The Burning Citadel - 100+++

so "return of burning legion" or something like that.

edit: it's also the LAST entry on 'the file'.
10/07/2012 12:35 AMPosted by Jegin
World of Warcraft: Poop

I like it
World of Warcraft: Shadows of the Nathrezim
World of Warcraft: Mad Money
serious : Super happy go fun fat panda's idle in AH happy super fun time!

funny : Bumstab the invasion of the dastardly poo pirate!
World of Warcraft: Sorry, Best Talent Is Working On Titan
World of Warcraft: The time of the ape
so "return of burning legion" or something like that.

World of Warcraft: Friendship is Magic
World of Warcraft Idol! /rolls music

Simon quote "That was terrible, I mean just awful"
well 'the file' predates BC. they've been changing things slightly especially post-wolk. but yes that is my guess.

important changes from the file are that pandas were supposed to be the counterpart of worgen. ally got pandas, horde got worgen. also MoP was supposed to be Emerald Dream. Some zones were also sligtly different, for example crystalsong forest was supposed to be a very major questing hub but in wolk it's virtually empty.

and finally...all levels went up by 10, so from 80 you went to 90.
World of Warcraft: Advent of the Titans
World of Warcraft: The Burning Legion

Revamp to Outland
Level 95 level cap (or 100)
New Leveling Zones located on the Planet Argus
New Class: Demon Hunter?
New Race: Eredar
Possible return of Illidan

I got you figured out Blizzard
To tip my hat to a recent Southpark episode:

World of Warcraft: Sarcastacraft
World of Warcraft: Please Don't Go

This expansion has been pretty fun so far, but I will not give it complete approval until I have seen end game. The quest have been well made, and the monk class is pretty fun.

I've enjoyed the raiding thus far :)

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