Gearing up different specs

I'm currently running instances as a mistweaver as I've never done healing before and I can't face doing Outlands and Northrend again. However, when I hit 80 I'm planning on doing Cata zones, and probably speccing brewmaster for the 80-90 trek.

I'm just wondering how people gear up a new spec after switching mid way through the leveling process? Do you buy gear off the AH, struggle through the first zone until you fully replace gear, or what?
just keep healing til 85 then when you get to pandaria you can vendor buy a full set of starting lvl 85 greens for any of your specs
I levelled 1 - 87 as Mistweaver, almost exclusively running 5mans between 15 - 85-ish (though I started questing here and there in Cata, between queues popping).

I began looking for replacements for my heirlooms (via 5man gear & quest rewards) before they "ran out" at lvl 80.

I broke down at lvl 80 and bought a couple of cheap greens off the AH to bump my ilvl so I could queue for Cata 5mans.

And then, when you hit the Jade Forest at lvl 85, there's a gear vendor who literally sells you a full set of i372 gear (except one ring and one trinket). No rep needed with anyone, just walk up to him and buy his stuff.

When you hit Binan Village in Kun Lai Summit at lvl 87, there's a gear vendor who literally sells you a full set of i393 gear. Same deal as the Jade Forest vendor.
Thanks guys. Didn't know about the vendors. Guess I have a plan then
You should be able to get a fair amount of leather dps gear as you go. Leather dps gear is tanking gear, after all.

Also, doing quests at the very beginning of the expansion can set you up nicely.
When in Doubt. get Int/Spirit Gear.
Mistweaver is pretty hardcore!

(unless I am pulling 5+ mobs; I do more dps as a mistweaver than Brewmaster; I do have a little bit of mana downtime; but with the fixed mana; drinking with the best mana regen I have is pretty bloody fast these days.)

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