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As the title says, i am looking for a casual to semi hardcore raiding team that is focused on HM Progression, with a mature raiding environment, but with people that are not afraid to have a few laughs and joke around from time to time.

Im back from a 6 month break and ready to take on MoP.

The majority of my raiding experience was throughout cata, where i tanked for a team that consistently ranked amongst the top few teams on the realm in progression. I also performed the role of dps for majority of the 1 tank fights.

I am experienced playing in all 3 specs on my warrior, and have experience with all 3 in a raiding environment, playing off-spec fury in T12 and likewise with arms in T13, tanking for all the 2 tank fights.

Ive also raided on 2 other toons throughout cata, both of which i would clear HC content on on a regular bases, although these 2 toons will be taking a backseat for the time being, as my warrior is my main priority.

I take pride in knowing all the latest information about my class, regularly sifting through the internet obtaining information about my stat priorities/rotations/best in slot gearing/simcrafts ect. I also take pride in min maxing my toons, always looking for that next piece of gear i can obtain to better prepare myself for raiding. i do also believe that this will reflect on my armory profile and overall in raid performance.

Although all my past experience is with tanking, i found with the commencement of the new expansion, there wasn't a better time than to become MS dps as i was growing tired of tanking. this does not mean that i would not be willing to tank from time to time, if that was what the team needed of me, and am currently putting the final touches on my tanking gear.

I am yet to try Mogu'shan vaults in a proper raid team environment. Ive only tried it in a few pug groups with no expectations, just to get a feel for the place. I do though watch live streams of this raid on a regular bases and had done a bit of research on majority of the fights, throughout the beta testing.

I am currently available to raid between 2 - 4 nights a week, starting from between 7:30pm till 9:00pm and finishing no later than midnight ( i am flexible on these times ). I cannot raid on Saturday nights. i have very little 25 man experience, but am always willing to give it a try if the right opportunity arises. i will also faction change/realm transfer under the same pretense.

If you would like to get in contact with me, add me on my real id 'Gelligan#6330', and add an appropriate comment when sending the request.

Thank you for reading.
Good player and a good bloke, would be an asset to any raiding guild seeking a warrior
We're interested in a fury warrior. raids are 2pm - 5.30pm AEST Sat/Sun. 8/8H in DS25, currently only 4/16 in T14 however we do not officially resume raiding again until the 13th of october. Apply @ burn-phase.com and if you have any questions or concerns you can direct them to me via real-id (the-dark-alliance@hotmail.com)

Spoke to you in-game, look forward to chatting with you further.
Would you be willing to raid weekends? Regardless, I added you in-game and we can chat there. Ceddya#6907.
Good luck Gel ! :)

This guy is down to earth, and always happy to help out and pitch in where he can.
Has great game knowledge and research skills for his class, always looking to improve.

Would be a great addition to any raid team that's looking for a resident Fury Warrior to carve up the meters !
thanx guys, still looking for a guild/raid team, Forgot to mention, AEST only pls
Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established guild in Dreadmaul. Currently at 2/6 MV. We are filling up one group raiding from 7pm to 10pm Server Time on every Wed, Thu and Mon. If you find the above suit your situation, please contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com

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