Lf arena team willing to learn

I am a very experienced wow player but not as much in the pvp aspect. I have achieved challenger on my holy pally but thats it. I used to be a top us 30 raider and have many great pve accomplishments but im putting up slaying dragons to pvp. I am a good player just new to the arena scence as a dps. I am looking for other players who are willing to do arena but not get frustrated at first but to really just practice and start to learn our class in MOP and in arena. If you intrested add me at patsmat@me.com
i'll do twos with you here and there. But right now is gonna be the wrong time to learn.

^^^ turn the sound down to 5% or so but you will see why now is the wrong time to learn .
well i mean we r gonna have to deal with warriors no matter what lol but we will still learn
anyone else? very good wow player here looking for arena team been in top us 30 raiding guilds
I would be willing to give it a try. I have virtually no experience PvPing as a mage and I don't have a very impressive resume in arena overall anyway (best was ~2k in 2v2 as a hunter during season 8), but I won't freak out and throw a fit if things go bad.

Let me know if you want to give it a shot.
sounds good ill contact u in game

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