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everytime i try and log in my screen just stays at connecting ive quit restarted the game and my computer still nothing? must i redownload the client?
mac users had this issue a week or two ago, i've got a feeling it's happening again.
Getting that issue right now. Was hoping it's a restart of the log-in server or something.
Rolling restarts are today.
its the 7th for me though restarts were yesterday
same issue here
hmm even if there are restarts we should be able to get to the server screens D:
Same here.....
They posted the news yesterday evening for restarts this afternoon.
restarts were today for me. now can't log in. it's on connecting.... =(
ohh ok so restarts thats dumb seeing how it says 6th on my screen :/
It is a restart issue I believe... As it's not just Mac issue it's in the other Tech Support forum too.

I say give it some time and try again. It's affecting a lot of people.
Was logged on perfectly fine pre-server restart. I am now stuck on connecting.
I think Blizz just hates us >.<
I am also stuck - can't login.
Rolling restarts shouldn't affect your ability to connect to the game, you should just not be able to access the character list on the offline servers. Additionally, I am talking to a friend who is currently logged into my server, so I know that's not the issue.

I've tried deleting my cache, but no joy. I'm stuck on connecting. The first time it hung there, I cancelled out and waited 15 minutes before trying again, and then when it did the same thing, I sat on the connecting dialog for 10 minutes, but no change. I hope this gets cleared up quickly, my heroic group is waiting!
hmm lets just wait like we always have to do when somthing is wrong.... time to try and play diablo 3.....err maybe not
yeah and now my servers are listed as "up", but still cant log in. In fact, the "connecting" after i type in my authenticator isnt even showing up. Just the option to hit cancel.
Yeah, that's all I'm getting now, too. I can get to authenticator entry and then nothing.

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