Help connecting problem..

Mac Technical Support
I am stuck as well. : /
fix this.
It's everyone, and it's not a mac issue. It's a server issue, you'll want to see this forum here

you'll notice some of the threads that already have over 10 pages at the top.
I'm having the same problem, and I'm on pc....
Same. I restarted WoW several times and my iMac. Getting stuck at "Connecting"
Good I thought it was just me I hope it goes up soon :)
Having the same problem too, just gets stuck at "connecting" after i type my log-in information in and press enter. Usually while the server is being restarted you can get to the screen which shows a list of all the realms , so its gotta be a server issue. Usually when the realms are all ready, they take off the restart message on the left.
It is effecting both Mac and PC.

It's currently being investigated for both :

Mac :

PC :

Please everyone. Keep calm as this will be investigated and solved.

Share the two above links (and zombie sheep's one for Macs if anyone asks) as far and as wide as you can.
This should be resolved now :)

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