So give me your Monk review

Can last upwards of 30 seconds, just use your jabs, and get one up, drink a brew at about 5 stacks, let energy build up to 100 while having 4 chi, quickly blackout kick + keg smash + blackout kick + blackout kick + jab + jab + blackout kick, whalla 20 seconds worth,

all of that can be done in about 4-5 sec really

There is a disturbing lack of fire breathing in there. Which was my point.
I leveled a Pandaren monk to 85 then did a race change Is was good at mid level and seems to impress at high levels too! Best in class
Brewmaster: The reason I'm still playing the game.
Mistweaver: Interesting, and kinda unique but I'm not ready to put the time investment into mastering.
Windwalker: That second spec I barely use.
Felt immortal as a brewmaster up till 81. Shuffle doesn't last long enough, not being able to use BoF anymore is sad. Anxiety attack every time I get stunned without guard on.

Solo- Pull all the mobs you need at once and murder them all. It's amazing.
Heroics- Don't even need a healer to kill some bosses.
Pvp- I killed a couple people yesterday, it was fun I guess. People forget you can shoot lightning.

You do know you can stack Shuffle, right? Each time you hit the button, it'll add six seconds to the duration. Every pull, I don't do anything until I have at least 12 seconds rolling.
I think as a monk its pretty fun, but its very difficult to level do to no speed

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