Feral vs Warrior

Boomkin in general is not working out how do you guys match up vs feral? This is not an OMFG I hate/nerf warriors thread, just curious to know how you are doing vs feral druids.

Also how do you feel attacking a resto and blowing your cds only to see it stack barkskin and ironwood? Maybe even tree if I'm worried.
I feel fine fighting a resto druid until the druid's partner intervenes. I feel like I have enough to maintain uptime on you UNTIL you add in a Chains of Ice root effect or something, on top of what you have.

I haven't really fought any good feral druids since the MoP changes, but my only issues from pre-MoP used to come from ferals going into bear and popping cooldowns. Waiting out Enraged Regen always felt like an eternity thanks to teammates in BGs that love to keep attacking lol.
2nd poster has it right. Don't kite further than charge range, it'll be bad, cyclone when we recklessness. Make sure you save your Berserk for second wind and you'll be fine.
Ummm Open up with pounvr, rake, mangle rip. then insta root warrior. Throw hots on yourself bearform charge. Catform again with barskin build up energy for either instant healing touch or ferocious bite. If u hit him decently enough wait out the energy so you can tiger fury buff yourself. Redo?

optional things

1.Use ursol's vortext to force warrior to charge and stayed CC'ed wile you heal.
2.Use fairie swarm to dead zone the warriors charge once in a while. Force him to waste rage with piercing howl.
3.can also use nature's swiftness to instant cyclone warrior to either leave him CC'ed or make him break trinket

things not to do

1. Never run away with dash or new travel form while low health. ull get charged executed. CC him if can then proceed to throw hots and heal yourself. Bearform if u need to withstand a bit more.
2. Don't use all ur cooldowns to burst him down because you wont after he reaches 30% health.
3. Don't try to CC him as soon as u can u might get a spell reflected. Use moonfire instead to break of his spell reflect.

So basically hit 35 buttons to try to beat a class that only has to hit their 1-button one-shot macro they copied and pasted from the internet.
Moogican this is not a !@#$%ing thread for you make your own. Thanks for the advice warriors and yes arms can maintain decent uptime on me. I just think its funny that everyone talks about the Warrior omfg macro with trinkets and avatar but the truth is.

Barkskin 20% less dmg 25% less crit glyphed 45 sec CD
Iron 20% less dmg 30 sec CD

To me if I'm resto and I pop both those when I see you blowing your macro I tend to be just fine and mine have much shorter cd's.

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