Semi Hardcore Guild now recruiting

<Reawakened>(25)Is now recruiting the following classes for our second serious progression raiding team.Anyone who skillfully play's a class that is not listed below is also welcome to inquire.

Blood DK
Resto/Ele Shaman
Disc/Shadow Priest
Fire Mage

Our raid times will be 7-10PM server Tuesday-Wednesday with a possible 4th day if needed and a convenient time is agreed upon.We are also recruiting all classes at the moment for rated battlegrounds and hope to have this up soon aswell.And as usual mature 18+ casual/social players are always welcome.Feel free to add my or contact any other high ranking member to inquire.Thank you for your time and I will see you around.

Guild Master:Doomchicken
For Raiding:Scenery,Rayithe,Dysrupt
For RBG's:Doskarr
Hey. I'm a Blood DK.
your in group 1 already noob
Hey. I'm a Rogue.

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