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Has anyone tried it recently? I played it when it first came out, but remember trying to find a group was pretty hard and frustrating. I believe they have added a LFG tool, new dungeons and raids.

What are people's experiences with it recently? I have had the urge the resub for a month to check it out.
swtor sucks. wow is numba one
i'll be playing this and once swtor hits ftp i will return to that
I am curious if anyone has played it within the last few months. What has your experience been? What has changed from a few months after release?
Game isn't worth it.
SWToR is basically a pile of vomit.
My SWTOR experiences compiled:

.Enjoy copy and paste social hubs.
.Boring vannila WoW mechanics.
.Choices actually doesn't matter.
.Boring worlds.
.Laggy as hell.
.Inferior version of almost every MMO that has been released since 2006.
.False promises.

What I enjoyed:
.Class stories
Maybe a month ago, I re-subscribed to SWTOR to give it another chance.

There were only two other players online on Imperial side on my particular server...

I found that they were offering free server transfers from low-populated servers to... just one server. Yeah, all the low-pop servers were transferring to one other server.

So I transfer my main and find this new server is nicely populated; what you would expect from an MMO. But in order to accomplish this, they had to pretty much compile all of their players into one server. After maybe a half hour of questing, I remembered why I quit in the first place: the fact that the zones are all just corridors and there is no incentive/ability to explore the world.

In my opinion, just stick with WoW or GW2.
swtor is F2p
Swtor is doing pretty good. I hated it when it first came out but I go back to it off and on its made alot of improvements since it came out in such a short amount of time. Its defo worth getting back into if you have the time to spare.
SW:TOR is basically late vanilla - mid BC. Going back in time five years sucked.
It wasn't the worst game I played. I hit 50, yawned, then went back to Rift and WoW.
Played it at launch, major disappointment.
It's not that bad, WoW players are just stuck up children.
When I played it wasn't horrible at all. Sure it had its problems. I am primarily looking for information on how the game has improved in the last 6 months or so.
You should try to find patch notes for the recent updates.

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