[A] Over Raided Recruiting

Over Raided is a level 25 guild looking to fill the last spot in our core raid team. Raid times are Friday and Saturday 9pm- 12am.

Looking for: DPS. The classes are listed below. Other roles may be considered though.

DPS: Shaman, ele
Frost DK
Monk windwalker
Rogue, any
Warrior, arm/fury

We are 4/6 in reg MV and will be going into HoF this week

Even if you don't wish to raid and are just looking for a guild to relax in and take advantages of guild perks, we would be glad to have you. We offer guild repairs and often run heroics and Old Content for fun on off nights.

Whisper anyone online for invite, and ask to speak to an officer for more details, Thank you for your time.
bump for an alliance raiding guild!
bump still looking for 1 dps
bump for changes
updated for what we are looking for!

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