The annoying thing about ascendance

Currently you can cast stormstrike pop ascendance and then stormblast immediately, continue with your rotation till stormblast is up, stormblast again and by that time ascendance is over. This is where it gets annoying. You now find your stormstrike on CD. If stormblast is a unique spell at the start then why is it trigging the stormstrike CD at the end of ascendance? Does anyone know if this is intentional if so it just doesn't make sense to me.
Casting Ascendance resets the cooldown on Stormstrike, same with elemental's resetting the CD on Lava Burst.
I think Stormblast is just the Ascendance version of Stormstrike so they share the same cooldown. The only difference being that Ascendance resets Stormtrike/Stormblast cooldown and leaving ascendance does not.
The annoying thing about ascendance is how our class is balanced around this extremely high damage but short duration skill on a long cooldown. So when you pvp and pop ascendance (letting everyone know with the 'look at me!' spell effect) you are immediately CCd and shut down for the duration.

Its like if mages cold only get their pyroblasts procs for 15 seconds out of 3 min. You would just silence them for the 15 seconds and then they would be a gimed ranged caster for the rest of the 2:45.

Not to mention warrior has a similar skill but it lasts 20 seconds instead of 15 and also makes you CC immune for the duration. Where is sham's CC immunity during ascendance bliz?
its the same for elemental, and frankly i like that.

i can cheese my cd by popping off a LvB right before shooting ascendance then spam LvB like a madman then at the end, sure its on cd.. but my damage spike was more than worth it.

considering the 2 stormblasts you got in ascendance have a fairly large boost to damage from your masteryi think the cd is justifiable.
I dislike its short duration/Long CD...

For enhancement...having so much of its power on auto attacks makes it feel really lame. I wish it actually incorporated another couple items into our rotation...

Additionally on a cosmetic note, I hate it in resto when my avatar hops up and down for Procs. (it gets a bit ridiculous)

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