Tol Barad Still Gives Honor

Moon Guard
Just because it's from Cataclysm, doesn't mean you cant make 600+ honor from it. Please, queue.
Please no. Leave that place, and never return.
I'm pretty sure Tol Barad is the reason there wasn't a world pvp battleground this time.
i would but alli sucks at this thing called pvp.
I would if I was 90. ):
I queued up there a few days into MoP. I was the only Horde player there. Literally.
Tol Barad is the one thing I try and forget about Cataclysm.
I still love Tol Barad.

I LOVE fighting people I recognize from the forums, from the other faction, and from the big PvP guilds. I like being familiar with the people I am fighting. People in bgs and arenas are just random nobodies. They're basically just NPCs to me.

I also like the attention of being hunted by people I know. It was HILARIOUS when BoL train targeted me during the Theramore PvP event.

Basically, I liked when everyone in battles was recognizable and from your server, but Tol Barad is the only thing left of that.

Yeah, I'll be queuing for Tol Barad at least sometimes.
I would queue if I were 90!
It still gives decent honor? Soon as I have some more gear, I am there.

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