Dark Irons!

Moon Guard
So, I have this idea where all Dark Iron's icly meet for some reason, like an event..only Dark irons. Thoughts?
Well, as far as I know, including myself and discounting any alts and assuming you're one as well, we only have around 7 or 8 Dark Irons on the server all told. However, I can see us all getting together to celebrate the Death of Ragnaros and Thaurissan, and perhaps other such holidays. Presumably we would meet in the Grim Guzzler or Dark Iron Embassy.
Sorry. Too busy shaking down--oh no wait I mean shaking up the criminal element to keep our lovely Alliance capitals safe.

Yes. That's it.
-Barks.- My mains are this guy and his DI brother Dathingan.

Hit me up any time you want some RP. (That goes for any and all of you).

-Goes back to forum lurking.-
-Cackles- Alright, I am going to make a small event, but first of all I need help! When should we do it? How, why? And all the rest of the things! If anything it will be a meeting of some sort and hey! We get to maybe make new RP pals! Yes, Krorr is a Dark Iron.
Dark Ironves
I would suggest you have it some time this weekend, and we could hold it in the Embassy for ease of use. And I think a festival celebrating the death of Thaurissan would be fun, and we can all tell bitter stories and drink ungodly amounts of ale.
I wasn't invited :C

Hankus! You are invited! And alright, I will make an IC post in a while. *Shifty eyes* I wonder who will show up...
Yay! I'll bring the ale!

for the IC post, but yes! Bring it!
10/08/2012 09:02 PMPosted by Hankus
Yay! I'll bring the ale!

I will have raised my cooking, both magically conjuring speaking and actual oven fire. So I will bring food. Yummy food.

(Also Hi Hankus this is Flamesage.)
dark irons
more like
DORK irons
dark irons
more like
DORK irons

Pfft! We are better then you!
as far as the game allows it i AM one!
We need Dark Iron skins >.> I vote for them!

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