Soo.. um Ya alliance :P

Stop ganking me please :) please and thank you

We are tragically outnumbered... it's so frustrating. Maybe bliz will help us out.

I just want to fish. :( You people won't even let me go fishing in peace.
Wait, why?? because I'm small?? or because no one likes me?
Who is our fearless leader? I didn't know we had one...

Also... I get it, we have our fair share of douchebags and adolescents as well. But still, if all I'm doing is fishing... why? I have actually approached a fishing/mining node, then backed away because I saw an alliance character heading toward it. That's not even common courtesy; that's just plain nice. It never matters... I'm dead anyway in a matter of minutes, if not by the hands of whoever I allowed to take the resource, then by those of his bff's at the closest flight point.

I know, I know. I should never have rolled on a pvp server. Serves me right. I just didn't know what I was getting into, I guess. My pansy backside belongs on a pve server. I'd transfer if I hadn't already built a guild with my husband and brother and sisters on Darkspear. I feel bad leaving, I'll never hit 90 if I stay. Lose, lose. :(

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