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The trolls in the Warcraft universe are known to be a coastal and island race; but I've never seen a troll ship in World of Warcraft. This seems silly and I think even it should be added to the game.
They use canoes. They're a primitive tribal people, they're not a mercantile people who built navies to protect sea trade. They made canoes to fish out of and that's really it.
There were Troll Destroyers in Warcraft 2. (Basically primitive battleships)

But that's all we've got of major Troll vessels.
Quests in MoP where the Zan and Amani return back to MoP to fulfill the blood oath made centuries ago.

I'm pretty positive the show their warships there and if not I KNOW you can explore underwater and find sunken one's down there cause I did. I just don't remember if the phasing quests showed you them sailing in.
@Sternbridge I know this but they have had ships in the past

@pyroraptor These are exactly what I was talking about

@Kurain THANK YOU! I'm going to look for these now lolz

What lead to this was I was passing the Troll village in Hinterlands and then Desolace and thinking "I see a dock but where are the troll ships"
I'm on a boat

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