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I was wondering if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I learned Herbalism, it shows me learning it, I go to the tracker on the mini-map to activate Find Herbs so they will show on my radar. However, the option to select Find Herbs is not there. I also learned Mining to test the tracker and it gives me the option to Find Minerals and it tracks the nodes on the Mini-map radar no problem. The nodes glow.

The ability to track Herbs does not appear. Plants do not Glow / Sparkle does not show on mini-map. If an existing character already had Find Herbs checked marked, it works fine. If I give herbalism to an already existing character who didn't have it before. The option to track Find Herbs appears and is selectable.

However, whenever I create a NEW character and learn Herbalism, Find Herbs is not selectable in the tracking menu. It doesn't matter what Race / Gender / Class / Faction or Realm I create the new character on. The issue remains.

Anyone else with this issue?
I checked just now. Can still track herbs, fish, humanoids (cat form). Working as intended. I suggest you /reload, reset your graphics settings or repair wow. Or open a ticket.
It Obviously isn't working as intended, if it was it would be working for me.

I re-installed the game client, I've used /reload repeatedly. reset graphics, even deleted both the Cache and WTF folders to no avail. Yes I have submitted a ticket reguarding this issue, I'm just wondering if anyone else creating a NEW character has encountered this issue. I thought once I re-installed the game fresh the problem would be gone, but it still exists for me. very frustrating since I want to do Alchemy and Inscription which both require Herbalism.
I am also having the same problem with both herbalism and minerals. I have submitted several tickets but no response as yet and it has been 3 weeks since I submitted my first one.
Same problem here. A guildie and I both created lvl 1. Gave them some gold and sent them to Goldshire for training. I can track ore, but not herbs even though I can pick them when someone pints them out to me.
According to the Bug Report Forum, you won't be able to track herbs until level 3. Get there and see what happens.

In the future, the Bug Report Forum is a great place to start a search when something like this just doesn't seem to be working right.

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