Your Favorite Pandaren Music?

Moon Guard
Without doubt, MoP's music is some of the best I've ever heard. Amongst my favorites are: - Balloon Ride - August Celestials - Song of the Liu Lang (I like the vocal version to but I listen to this one while working).

What is your favorite Pandaren music?
Honestly? I'm particularly fond of the Jade Forest's music, and to contrast that the music in the Dread Wastes.

The former because it makes you feel like you're on an awesome adventure again (which you are!), and the latter because it is one of the more tense pieces I've heard in WoW, up there with Karazhan and Naxxramas.
Tavern music rules.
Watchers on the Wall.
10/09/2012 02:33 AMPosted by Ghaoithe
Tavern music rules.
10/09/2012 02:33 AMPosted by Ghaoithe
Tavern music rules.

Especially the one called "Stormstout Brew" on the soundtrack. I made a clip of that my ringtone. It's backfired because I just want to listen to my phone whenever it rings now.

I also really like this one song that's from Dread Wastes, from the sprite village you visit to get a ritual done. It has theremin in it.

e: It might be "Go Ask the River."
If it's not, it's similar to it!
I really liked the Music when your first enter The Jade Forest. I get a chuckle out of some of the Inn music also.
Oh man that Balloon Ride music is the best. This entire expansion has had great music.
panda man
you are benjamen franklan the lightning theif !!!
get out


Why is this even a question
That ain't Bastions of Antiquity.

Nor is it Townlong Steppes (Holy moly that depressing tone, that scream). Nor even still is it Why We Fight.
What about "Panda girl" clearly that's the better option.
Holy cows of necroposting. I had no idea that the last post was like, 3 years old.

I'm sorry forums. I have failed you.

Forgive me!
My favorite Pandaren music was the silence of turning my music off while in Pandaria.
Not even Kel'thuzad could necro something like this.

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