Tillers: Ella and "A Second Hand"

Bug Report
After hitting exalted at Tillers you can choose a best friend to help out at the farm. Ella won't respond to the dialog choice when asked to join you, nor show up/replace your current friend at the farm.

The other friends are working fine, although most offer no benefit at the moment.
I'm experiencing this too. Hit exalted today and spoke to ella since she's the only best friend I have at the moment and she doesn't respond to the dialog choice and then disappears and I don't get quest credit.

Edit: Well I returned to my farm a second time and she showed up but I'm not getting quest credit still.
Same issue with me, although I think I asked Ella to help, prior to accepting this quest, but now there appears no way to complete this, no others respond.
I'm having the same problem :( She is at my farm but I didn't get quest credit!
Ditto. I have the same problem.
Experiencing same problem, tried abandoning quest, relogging, etc to no avail.
Adding my "I, too, have this problem."
Figure the more people that reply to this the sooner they will fix it. I also have a similar problem. my error was asking jogu to come over to the pond before I accepted the hire a best friend quest, unfortunately I do not have any other best friends besides jogu the drunk, so I'm also stuck. Get back to us Blizz!
My big question is, they're just for show right? They don't actually do anything far as I can tell.
Because obviously the choice is either Jogu or Sho, drinks or an assassin, only way to go!
having the same issue with Ella... best friends, but quest not complete despite her showing up at my farm with a cat. cannot gain additional rep through cat figurines either.
Same issue for me with Ella, she is on the farm walking around, but quest isn't completing.
Same issue. :< I have other 'best friends', but I really liked Ella's little storyline so I picked her. She didn't respond and just wanders around my farm... though when I talk to her she says the farm looks nice today.
thought i was going mad, same problem here, this really is the expansion that has the most!...bugs!
Same issue with Ella and the Quest not being completed
Yet another person who struggled with Ella. Just wandered around the farm doing nothing. So I rushed to get another best friend... and Jogu didn't do anything. I could talk to him, but he didn't move and the quest is still not complete.

Headed back to Ella's house to see if I can make her come back....

This is REALLY frustrating.

EDIT: I originally talked to Jogu right after hitting Best Friend. Didn't work. So I went back to Ella to try to make her come play - and she wandered around again, but no quest complete. In my frustration, I went and talked to Jogu one more time. Guess what... it worked.

So my guess is that you have to have 2 best friends - and just alternate between them until you manage to force it to complete.
Same here. I initially had the option to ask Ella to help out, but got no response and the quest will not complete. Luna purrs contentedly on my farm and Ella keeps coming by, but nothing happens and I can't get the dialogue option back, even when I abandon the quest and start over.

Some best friend!
I hired Jogu prior to the quest (I hadn't realized there was a quest for it -_-), and there isn't anybody else I can hire. So, I'm stuck, too.
Same issue. I got exalted with Jogu first and, like the above poster, asked him to my farm before I knew there was a quest. I was then unable to complete the quest, as he was already at my farm and wouldn't leave.

I got exalted with Ella yesterday and when I asked her to come to my farm she stayed where she was, that option disappeared from her dialog, and I didn't get quest credit. This did make Jogu leave my farm though, and asking him back completed the quest.
Is there any update on this issue? I too now have the same problem. Opening a ticket to see what that will get me. Come on Blizzard, fix this already!
*raises hand to same problem

UPDATE 10-31-12: since the quest STILL wasn't complete after letting Gina Mudclaw sit overnight, i decided to go to a different NPC. i chose to try, Haohan Mudclaw. guess what... it worked. he wasn't my first choice, but good lord, at least the quest is complete. so if you aren't picky about who's there, give him a shot.

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