Cybele's guide to 5.0.5 disc 2v2 arena

10/09/2012 06:42 PMPosted by Yangaa
"You have already sent a sticky request for this topic."

You stole my idea :O

You can't move because you would then leave the barrier, but that's ok because you wouldn't have been able to move anyway.

lol funny and sad at the same time because it's true
This is hilarious, and totally true =( Shame my favorite class sucks in all 3 specs =(
Quite funny, +props

Buuuuut, of course they just nerf healers.

PvP: Healing and shielding effects applied to players that have been involved in PvP combat are now reduced by 15% .

Whoever is in charge of pvp over at blizz HQ really has no clue what they're supposed to be doing.

No, it's fine that warriors can pop every CD and BM hunters can simply hit stampede and randomly kill you, but we NEED to nerf healers.
I find throwing Fade in there with Glyph of Fade extends my life considerably. Perhaps .25s or more?
10/10/2012 04:45 AMPosted by Anurakis
I find throwing Fade in there with Glyph of Fade extends my life considerably. Perhaps .25s or more?

Probably a UI bug, I've only managed 0.2 at the MOST.
This is the best thread I've seen in a long time
Hats off to you Cebele. Absolutely hilarious.

Must of had a lot of time while in ghost form.
See? I've just rerolled a Monk! :)
Awesome topic, sticky requested

Note that phantasm is not very good against classes that do most of their damage in melee, such as hunters.

Funniest line of the thread.
This is awesome.
For someone who is always good at articulating yourself, it's nice to see you do something a little tongue and cheek. Excellent work!
9) when to leap of faith

When you are being trained, you may be able to trick the enemy with a leap of faith into a shadowmeld. Perhaps they will swap to your partner thinking he is you.

I look forward to hitting 90 on this priest so I can LoF my partner, Void tendril the melee opposition, Rocket Jump and feather to the other side of the arena.
-Tier 6:

If you cast halo just before you die, you will still die, but it will look like you literally exploded (which actually, you probably did), which is really cool.

This made me laugh way too hard XD
is this for real? Lmfao?
I feel like with so many people reading this, it feels bad to not be adding to it, but I really can't think of much to add to it without watering it down :(

Maybe I should add some basics, like line of sight, or what class to reroll to based on what classes your partners are playing.

If anyone has some good topics to cover I'd be happy to do so.
10/13/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Sonicia
is this for real? Lmfao?

This is literally the best guide to Priest PvP.

Sad, but true. The Priest class (at least as healers) are at the very bottom of the totem pole in arena, and will likely remain there for the duration of the next few seasons.

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