so i dont know why but hybrids keep calling..

my 1st toon to max level during vanilla,BC,wrath, and cata was a druid.

but every expansion i just feel completely gimp as a hybrid. why? because if i want to be a feral cat i only had ONE tree i can use. so all the feral gear i get only works for ONE tree. and sooner or later as a feral somebody is gonna ask me to heal. SOONER OR LATER.

With a mage, you will always be doing what you WANT to do, which is a ranged caster. you have 3 different specs with the same playstyle etc etc. i like the versatility but having 3 different spec roles(4 now i guess) just is a turn off for me :/.

and with all of that said i STILL want to level my druid again(not as 1st character this time though). Should i level my druid? or should i just make a rogue if i want to be feral dps all the time? i dont know what it is, but warlocks playstyle just seems boring and slow (SO many cast time spells if not afflic)
If you don't want to heal, tell them no. Once I switched to tanking/DPS, no one asks me to heal (I did volunteer on an ICC achievement run when we were short healers - but I didn't respec). If your guild/friends keep harassing you, put your foot down politely. Tell them you aren't going to heal on your druid, you're a kitty and you're there to shred faces. If they need a healer, tell one of them to heal or to recruit more healers.
saying you started in bc doesnt give you more credit.

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