Affliction seems gimped in pvp

I feel that one of the reasons we are lacking so much in damage... is because they DoTs arent scaling that well for PVP and secondly they removed our talents in which we had 15% more crit % on dots.... now we have to worry alot about crit % instead of our dots critting so much more like before..... i loved affliction, but now... its just bad
while destro still isnt s7 style. im glad that atleast its back in force.
Ua is still viable in 3s, it can do great damage with cooldowns up, you just run out of soul shards SOOOOOOOOOO easily which shuts ALL damage down until you either get rng nightfall or start drain soul'ing.

With destro atleast, if you have 2 embers, which are not hard to build. something has a chance to die at anytime.
I like Affliction and don't have any really problems with it.
quit trying to do single target damage
I just recently tried destro and i'm actually making a difference in the outcome of a bg

yes aff puts on some pressure through spreading dots but so what...nothing will die from them and they are easly healed. I had ppl actually lough at me while they just healed through my dots lol

now destro actually kills and or at least makes ppl panic when they see half their life go down; maybe it's just a coincidance but ever sicne i picked up destro I have won more bg's....i can bring down a fc or healer fast which makes a real difference in the outcome of a battle.

yeah the hard casting sucks and gets easly shyt down but in a random bg setting you can get away with it sometimes

for now im putting my aff on the shelf and will try to get better at destro and maybe give demo a try


Destro is also amazing for rated bg's too, probably one of the best specs in the game for rated actually. Good aoe with fire and brimstone + havoc (immolate or incinerate) then spam rain of fire for good dmg and crazy emeber regen. Then you'll have plenty of embers for chaos bolt and shadowburn when a target gets called out to switch to. gg
Affliction requires heavy CC comps atm im finding in order to get a kill. I think affliction will improve with more gear though as our cc is great.
osira: ya i agree 100% and i know some people will debate what you wrote. being at 85 everyone said oh well aff is used most, i still favored des and now i do moreso. I made a paladin and priest alt and healed random bg's once a day for the points. from a healer standpoint as paladin and priest whenever an aff lock would dot me up as i was healing the fc i would look over at them and simply /yawn

i mean sometimes the fear was annoying, but so many ways to negate that it wasn't an issue. the dots a simple word of glory or greater heal and felt like they weren't there. i know alot of people would say oh well healers are op at 85, actually as des or my friends have rogues and dks they have no problem beating a healer down.

hell my friend is a dk and each time he would see a aff lock i wouldn't cast a single heal on him and god as a lock alt i would cringe watching the outcome lol. he even tells me as a dk he kills locks first because they die the easiest. looking forward to 90 pvp but i honestly doubt much has changed. dam sure now with aff needing soul shards
As I understand it warlocks are one of the most gear dependant classes so I'm hoping some gear will fix it. But I wonder if it would make it any better if nightfall procced an instant cast haunt in addition to the shard? I think it would at least make the spec a little more exciting. It might then be too busy though with all the drains. To be honest cata affliction was almost perfect imo except for shadow embrace. I do like the instant dots though.

I miss the hell out of glyphed shadowflame for all specs. The other day i started watching cobrak 15 and i had to turn it off cause i missed shadowflame so much. Now days when you watch cobrak, unless you have super trained eyes and know what to look for, its hard to tell just how good he really is. I just don't understand what blizz is thinking sometimes. I mean we're we really that op when each spec had howl, death coil, and destruction had shadowfury? Then take all that away when every other cloth caster has awesome snares, cc, and bubbles that last longer than 8 secs? I digress. I really only came on to see what you guys think about the instant haunt nightfall proc idea.
Simplexity's assessment is spot on. Affliction has become our pvp spec. It scales well and performs well in that venue but its also very ill suited to the macro state of pvp. MoP brought a ton of self healing and non healer healing (hybrid cross heals etc) such that aff's pressure without all its CD's is truly trivial.

The CC arms race was also escalated significantly. The CC's that matter now are hard CC...that is to say "does not break on damage" especially if its instant cast. Affliction just doesn't compete well in that way.

Presently defensive CD's, self healing, hybrid cross healing, and healer mana just means you really can't ever kill something as affliction. If you did you would have had an easier time of it with aff, demo, or most any other spec in the game.

Dispels also stop 90% or more of affliction's pressure cold. Any healer, instantly, on an 8 sec cd can render aff completely moot. Who cares if there is a 4 sec silence if it takes a shard + 6 sec to get your pressure back? Plus agony is non linear and ticks far weaker till it caps which it never does in pvp.

The burst of mages, hunters, and warriors is the status quo. That is what it takes to pressure healers and that is what it takes to have a chance at outpacing them. Aff is only ever lethal with haunt, MG spam, all dots + darksoul + on use trink which is so counterable its not actually a real threat. ALL of aff's damage plus its CC is tied up in shadow. They have to expose shadow for any of that. The plethora of hard stuns that overrule unending resolve make it not the tool it would have been in ages past.

Try it sometime...pop unending resolve and watch the influx of stuns and whatnot that get just vomited on you nonstop. Aff would honestly need darksoul on a 1-2 min CD and probably have it stun immune too. Obviously too strong but perhaps a minor glyph to shorten its CD if we drop or lose its damage reduction?? Similar to the priest set bonus of 4.x.

TLDR....yes aff is way gimped in pvp. Its success in pve also means its going to be very unlikely and tough for blizz to fix it.
wow werst, just wow. Can't wait to see someone try and refute anything you said lol. I have been there myself when the patch hit. hey omg great! unending resolve i'm gona be bubbled like a paladin and dot everyone up! boy did that get shot down quick lol.

the only thing i got lost on is aff has become our pvp specc, then the final sentence is aff is way gimped in pvp. Therefore shouldn't des and demon have certain advantages that aff doesn't?

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