Any chance of getting rid of slice and dice

Since at one point you werent even going to have monks do autoattack damage, why do I have to relocate any of my very small resources to increasing my autoattack speed.

If I dont, I end up with even less energy...

Hey blizzard, did you not say you wanted less talents but more exciting game play... I guess that was only for the other classes..

I guess pet battles, were more of a priority than anyone in this forum or playing this class..

Maybe for once its time to take your millions and make some changes now rather than "waiting to till the next xpac to "fix things".. At some point excuses have got to stop, everyone here is getting really tired of it..

Please hide behind excuses like " we cant make rogues fun, it would be to overpowered.".. have you looked at the overpowered talents you gave everyone else?/ r u kidding me? A totem that completely heals a group... abilities that crit everytime.... you gave hunters stealth and a dozen other new abilities...

please tell me more of how rogues will be to strong... since druids now have talents to damn near make them our mirror class plus they can tank and heal... do tell...

so frustrating and so shafted...
Yes, please blizzard take away sublety's energy regen ability it would make the class/spec so much more fun to play.

On a more serious note both monks and enhancement shaman's attack speed talents only last for 4-5 hits or so. Where as Slice and Dice lasts up to 36 seconds.
That's really not an odd move, considering that Feral Druids have to keep Savage Roar up, Paladins have Inquisition, etc. I mean, the rotations aren't hard at all. Plus like Kishipsho said, it's really not a short buff, I've never had an issue keeping it active.

But there's so many serious issues: Blind, Evasion, Cloak of Shadows, Smoke Bomb, Vanish all got increased CDs. Improved Recup was a staple of PvP, that's gone.. Backstab, Mutilate and Ambush are gimped... There's a long list.

You're right about S&D concerning PvP; it just hasn't been a super important ability previously.. I guess it's decent if you're trying to burn down a Guardian Druid or something.. But the energy it provides (which used to be provided via Recup and was far more useful there) is essential. But, I'd gladly keep using S&D in PvP if we could get crit chance back into BS & Ambush and get some of our "OH ****" cooldowns lowered slightly.

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