How many of you have been DPSing in heal spec? How do you like it? Has anyone been doing it in the high level dungeons? People told me that it's not useful after like level 30... but here I am still doing it 40 levels later and keeping up well.
I can hold a steady 15-20k on trash in heroics while still keeping everyone up, and roughly 7-9k on bosses.

It isn't much, but its still fun and quite effective.
you can supplement your healing with melee eminence healing fine even in heroics. havent raided yet so dont know how that is.
Awesome! Glad to hear it. I figure the perk is having extra DPS when I am a healer... or at least useful DPS when I am in that role. I should probably just buy some DPS clothes and learn it that way, but I just LOVE mistweaver mode.
The best part of fistweaving is the ability to have on demand chi (which is lacking with soothing mist). I highly reccomend staying in melee range if for the simple reason you can jab for chi while providing a small smart heal. In dungeons you'll obviously be able to do more fistweaving so long as the tank doesn't take too much damage.

Keep serpent's zeal up while using jab for chi to do other moves and you're usually golden.
I definitely foresee this being really great for challenge runs, allowing the monk to effectively act as a 4th dps while keeping the group alive. We of course won't put out competitive dps, but it sure doesn't hurt your challenge times when you have 20k+ dps coming from your healer.
"fistweaving" as it is called is a institutional thing. If nobody is taking heavy damage then yes you can 100% "fistweave" your way through heroic dungeons as I tend to do as the tank i normally run with is pretty beast and can suck up hits like a champ. However as soon as the silly DPS start to do silly DPS things and take big hits of damage your going to need to break off and actually straight heal.

But provided bosses do not have a big burst damage phase and everyone stays out of the fire yes its entirely possible to run every current heroic dungeon doing nothing but "fistweaving" and get through 100% okay.

Doing this i can pull between 12k-20k dps on a regular basis on single target fights. Anyone who says it is not viable for the current content we are doing is simply doing it wrong.
doesnt jab cost like 50% of ur mana?
10/09/2012 03:20 AMPosted by Shaòlin
doesnt jab cost like 50% of ur mana?

After level 50 it starts destroying your mana. I remember the first time I went OOM and I was like WTF?????o.O????? Had to get some mana drink after that.
i just find melee heal you way too much mana to be efficient, you can just supplement your healing on phases with low damage on tank and raid, so you can just maintain the eminence buff with black kick.

But to reach a good HPS you will blow your mana so much fast than just healing the conventional way.

And on Raids don't even think about healing with melee, maybe when you get overgeared like the last month of cata while even priest was ok to heal with atonement on the fights... but up to over geared don't even melee (only jab if you need the Chi, but black kick and tiger palm is useless)

Melee healing with eminence is equal to priest atonement, to level 1-90 you can just fine... but on early heroics and raids its a meh

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