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just wondering i havent played wow since the big patch be4 mop came out, so i go to log in and have a 10gig or wateva patch (which i think is 5.0 or something) so should i download all patches before installing the mop cd i have or just install mop now and worry about patches afterwards

Dont worry about the CD at all except to use the key. the download will have everything.
Standard edition retail copy of MoP comes with two DVDs that together contain about 17 GB.

Using some pretty hefty compression techniques this expands out to around 19 GB once installed.

The remaining 1.4 GB is then downloaded.

You still have to download a bit but it's both faster and easier then installing it from patches.
ok well ill just install the cds then worry about finishing patching?

It'll take a while as the first step of the process up to 2% takes a fair while for it to unpack and decompress all the data.

After that's done it should eventually start a download. This will update you to 5.0.5 without needing to do anything else.

It's a lot easier then fooling around with trying to sort out which patches you need to download and install. Less mucking around and the installer can just be left to do it's own thing.
i went to install the cds and all it does is open the patch and start to download the 10 gig still :(

do i have to download all that 1st then install mop from the discs?
what excatly are the disks for because i just went to my account and typed in the game key i got with the disks now i have mop, and looks like i just have to download this 10gig patch from a while ago and im good to go, so whats on the disks?
Sorry forgot a few steps :

1) Find your folder at :

Win 7/8/Vista: "C:\ProgramData\"
Windows XP: "C:\Document and settings\All Users\Application Data\"

And delete it.

2) Delete or rename your old World of Warcraft folder

3) Then start the install again.
dont have a battlenet folder. dont even have a folder called programdata in C

do u mean delete my whole world of warcraft folder and start again with the mists cd?
Yes delete the old wow folder.

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