The new LFR is going to be a lot harder

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So I was just reading this

"4 - LFR Encounters in MoP - The changes:

LFR has changed with the coming of MoP. During it's inception LFR was regarded as a "bland experience which trivializes the raiding experience". Blizzard has taken note of this and has made the new LFR a more appropriate experience which will require more co-ordination from it's origins in Dragon Soul. Players should be prepared entering the raids with the use of the Dungeon Journal and the information found on our very own MMO-champion, with videos included. I can thankfully say that LFR in MoP is no longer a loot piñata as that of Dragon Soul, encounters will get easier as time goes on with gear upgrades, community knowledge and possibly tuning. The quality of raids are improving and I out-lined many of the changes below.

Some differences (the following remains true from a beta perspective):
- Encounters are a lot longer than Dragon Soul LFR encounters.
- Teamwork and communication is needed. On some encounters more so than others.
- Some abilities will wreck you.
- There can be a lot of individual awareness involved in certain encounters that can make or break your raid.
- Many mechanics cannot be ignored (some still can however).
- The use of CC is required for some encounters.
- Some encounters can be tough on healers and healer's mana. Beware of not screwing up so they won't waste even more mana.
- Tanks will have their work cut out for them on a few key encounters. They must manage their defensive cds more efficiently.
- There are enrage timers on many bosses so the DPS must be good (no more extreme slacking).

I encourage people to stop leaving a raid just because you wiped. If you don't have time to join LFR, you should not join in the first place. The first days of a new queue in LFR will be extremely demanding as only a few people may have experience from beta.

Lastly, I recommend boss mods such as Deadly Boss Mods or Bigwigs, to make things a bit easier, downloading from the Curse Client is quick and simple."

If this is true this is great news.

I hated the old LFR with DS it felt like the game was playing itself not me playing it. I wasnt going to do LFR at all in MoP but if this turns out to be true I might give it a go.
Harder... I think you meant to say, "The new LFR will require a daily Aspirin regiment".
that doesn't sound harder, just alot more engaging and fun
Well, so much for the lfr! The Dragon sould lfr was a wipe fest already.
the only "hard" part of LFR is waiting on the RNG to place you with 24 other players who also can and will down the content...
So, you're saying you shouldn't do LFR unless you queue as a full raid? No PUG fill ins? Got it.
10/09/2012 04:34 AMPosted by Zaxan
that doesn't sound harder, just alot more engaging and fun

You are right thats why if it turns out to be ture I will give it a go.
I could see that working for a 10 man, but with 25 random people bunched together for this new setup is going to be very interesting to say the least. People will probably be much better off making their own group rather than use the LFR. I thought DS LFR was as easy as it was because even if you had people that were lacking you could still carry them, plus supposedly it was so anyone could see the content. With this everyone will need to be on their toes.

I'm glad I am not too concerned with running LFR just yet. I have yet to even step through heroics. The forums will probably become littered with LFR complaints though.
I have a bad feeling about this.

Heck, if people were wiping on Ultraxion BEFORE the pre-expansion patch dropped, what will happen when healers have to watch their mana, tanks have to be very aware, and the group needs to communicate in a logical fashion?

I might pass on LFR, if only to avoid the anger that 25 random people put together can give off.
This is bad news as with anything queue-able, there will be AFKers.
inb4 wildfire in raid on feng.

or 50% of raid falls into the pit on elegon.

or you continuously enrage wote because melee/tanks cant avoid combos and boss doesnt take enough damage.

Sounds more annoying, then anything. I play a game to have fun not to do homework.

Any way, I doubt this is true; it sounds more like "wishful" thinking from the type of people that normally frequent that site. That would totally defeat the purpose of LFR, any way. If you want all that, go and do the regular or heroic version.
The lead encounter designer said he balanced heroics around random groups.

LFR is balanced around random groups. It will be easy because heroics are easy.

10/09/2012 04:39 AMPosted by Zaxan
the only "hard" part of LFR is waiting on the RNG to place you with 24 other players who also can and will down the content...

I would settle for 24 other players that would pay attention to their surroundings.

Wiping is going to happen, especially in the beginning, but to make no headway after a several wipes on the same boss (or even trash packs) due to inattention frustrates me.
Making LFR harder is a bad idea, just saying :)
I'm not sure making the LFR harder will prevent people from leaving raids when the group wipes. It will probably only encourage it.

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