very simple macro help (banners)

UI and Macro
So I would like to have one button target and drop a banner (let's say Demoralizing for example), and a second press of the same button safeguards the banner.

What I've tried is:

#showtooltip Demoralizing banner
/cast Demoralizing Banner
/cast [target=Demoralizing Banner] safeguard

I suspect what's happening is that it keeps trying to cast Demoralizing Banner on subsequent keypresses.
actually just:
/cast [target=Demoralizing Banner] safeguard

doesn't work either.

/target Demoralizing Banner

work? If not, see if you can find a name for it that you *can* use with /target. That's probably what you'd have to use.
actually just:
/cast [target=Demoralizing Banner] safeguard

doesn't work either.

It doesn't work because there's nobody in your raid named "demoralizing banner"...

target= and @, only take two things
- unitid's:
- names of players in your party/raid.

You either need to have it take a unitid (make it your focus, target, target's target, mouseover, etc) or you need to hard target the banner. You won't be able to do this in less than two button presses.

/tar Demoralizing Banner
/castsequence reset=5 Demoralizing Banner, Safeguard
/targetlasttarget [help]

two versions of intervene banner macro
Thanks tons!!!!!!!!

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