Aimed Shot in Low Level Battlegrounds

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I'm currently leveling a monk, mostly through battlegrounds, and I've run into something of concern.

From what I hear, a hunter's Aimed Shot isn't exactly viable at level 90... But in lower level brackets, it's absolutely brutal.

For instance, in the 40 - 49 bracket, average max HP is about 4000.

Aimed Shot crits, on average, for 3800 - 4200 damage.

Even non-crits are for 2000 - 2200.

That means that battlegrounds like Warsong Gulch are impossible, and everything else is downright frustrating.

Even if a plate tank class is carrying the flag, if the opposing team has two intelligent hunters, two aimed shots will insta-gib him every time. Without any stacks of bonus damage up.

Healers are almost worthless when a hunter is involved.

Is there anything that can be/will be done about this? I love PvP and battlegrounds, hence why I'm leveling through them, and this is ruining my experience (and likely others as well). I'm used to twinks and all-around unbalanced-ness at lower level brackets, but non-twink hunters one shotting people at will is a little much.
You just have to keep posing and encourage other players to post. I've been in these battlegrounds where obvious mechanics are broken in one class's favor: shield slam for warriors and Aimed shot for hunters. Other players will troll you in forums and say Blizzard doesn't care about low level PVP which for the most part seems true but hopefully at some point they'll be willing to concede they might keep the subscribers who do like low level PVP if they start caring. Level 90 PVP is a waste imo. Stun, stun, stun, fear, oh wait you were dead after the second stun because a player with better gear hit you for 2/3 of your health with something like chaos bolt or ice lance. Good luck.


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