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I have Been playing wow for 5 years now And i have Been a core raider since the start. The reason why Im posting this is because i quit during cata And decided to come Back recently so Im currently lf an active, serious raiding guild. I Will assist 100% to all raids at any time And i Will try my best to be top 3 dps since i know my class+ boss fights. Also i Will always Bring my A game to raids And all my foods And stuff. Ty for your time And here is my gamertag: stevow#1441
Hello There,
Fun House is a 10man Hardcore/Casual Raiding guild that WILL be Top 100 US in MOP Raiiding. We also will be doing competitive Rated BG's as well as World PVP as we become more developed. We are looking for dedicated/Experienced raiders who know how to play their class without someone holding their hands. Because we are a guild who expect our core members to be nothing but "Ranked" material everyone will be considered replaceable if you do not meet expectations. Although we expect our raiders to be 100% up to par on their skill level we still like to maintain an enjoyable raid and casual gaming atmosphere. We will begin raiding next week and are in need of the following classes to fill our core.

-All DPS (Except Warrior)
-2 Healers (non monk)

Note: If your role/class is not listed here please feel free to still message me or apply! We do not recruit for the bench, if you are recruited for a trial position you will be raiding.

Our Raid Times are: T/W/TH 9:30pm - 1:30am PST

Although we are fairly new, me along with the GM and other raiders in our current core are experienced players who have all once been in ranked guilds.

If what you have read here seems like a good fit for you and you are up for the challenge then please feel free to respond here or add me on RL ID.

We are trying to make our first raid tonight.

Real ID: airforcepwns@hotmail.com

Thank You and Best Regards,

Margaritaville attempts to tread the line between hardcore and casual. We raid twice a week on Thursday and Monday from 8-11:30 PM Pacific (US-Ner'zhul). We only raid twice a week, but when we get in to raid we take a very serious approach. Our goal for this tier is to clear 16/16 H, not ever straying too far behind the progression curve, while maintaining our lighter raid schedule. We got in to raid for the first time yesterday and we're able to down the Stone Guard and start working on Feng.

We have a very talented core at the moment and need just two more to round it out. If you're serious about progression with a lighter raid schedule contact me on RealID: looney@me.com, or feel free to email me at that same address.
<Semantics> is a 25-man Heroic raiding guild. We were formed several months prior to the launch of Cataclysm as a group of like-minded individuals who thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the game. The founding members of <Semantics> were those who would PuG unique Wrath achievements such as the Immortal, Herald of the Titans, A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity, Conqueror/Champion of Ulduar, Earth, Wind and Fire, just to name a few. We wanted to create a raid environment with people who shared the same goals, those who would log on more than just raid time, and most of all to create a solid core community.

Expectations from Applicants
We are a progression guild, first and foremost. You are expected to be knowledgeable of not only your class, but to show up to raids prepared. We are a competitive group of people, and the same is expected of our applicants. Always be looking to improve, to be the best at your role. Players are expected to use the best professions [gathering professions are for alts], select the best race, and overall min/max their character.

Loot Policy
We use a loot council system for the distribution of loot. This council is comprised of three officers who decide who will receive the specific piece of loot. The system is open, where every member can see who is up for consideration. During progression, it is not uncommon for us to outfit certain players with loot that will give us the best chance for success.

6/6 Normal 25m

Point of Contact
RealID: sauce@semanticsguild.com
Officers: Sauce, Thewhitefox, Dabeef, Dorment

We are currently seeking the following classes (RELIABLE PEOPLE) to fill our raid roster.

Mage - High need
Boomkin - High need
Exceptional Ranged DPS - High need

Exceptional Melee DPS - High need


Holy Paladin

Raid times
7:30-11:30 EST

To get more info or apply, go to http://www.semanticsguild.com
Hey there <Paint it Blacker> (Blackrock - US - Horde Guild) Is looking for exceptional players to add to our roster. We are currently only accepting people with high skill levels so we can be able to raid without having people slacking off, and everyone pulling thier weight.

Raid Times:

Monday - 11pm - 1am
Wednesday 11pm - 1am
Friday 10pm - 2am
Saturday 10pm - 2am

If you feel like you have what it takes and you are interested in talking with me more add my Battletag (Undergruff#1804) So we can talk more. Have a good day.
We would like to speak with you regarding a full time core spot with Dark Empire.

Server: US-Stormreaver - PVP - High pop
Faction: Horde
Raid Group: 25 Man
Normal Raid Schedule: Monday, Tuesday Wednesday, Thursday 7-11PM CST (8-12AM EST).
Our Website: www.darkempireguild.com
Please Contact: xmaster_64@hotmail.com

Dark Empire of Stormreaver is a Semi Hardcore Raiding guild.
We are a new progression raiding guild that was formed in early Cata as a 10M raiding guild but is now expanding to 25M semi hardcore for MOP. We are a friendly and mature group of people who likes to have fun and progress at the same time love to pvp and run RBG when not raiding or running old contents .We are currently recruiting experienced active player with the same interest as us to push serious raid content in MOP.

Currently Recruiting any of the listed class for core groups:

Death knight (DPS/Tank): High
Druid (Balance/Resto): High
Hunter: High
Mage: Medium
Paladin: (Holy/Ret): High
Priest: (Holy/Disc): Medium
Shadow Priest: Medium
Rogue: (Combat) : Medium
Shaman: (Resto/Elemental): High
Warlock: Medium
Monk: ( Mistweaver, Brewmaster ): High
Warrior: Prot/DPS: low

Healers and Tanks must have a reliable DPS off spec when needed.

Raid Progression:
You must be prepared to commit to near 100% attendance, Reliable and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. Although we of course are willing to work around planned absences for things like vacations and prior commitments. A positive attitude, responsibility, and the ability to handle one's self, as an adult in game are required, We are looking for people with a genuine interest in conquering content and also expect you to be geared enough to begin raiding immediately. You must have Vent w/mic

Our current raiding schedule is Monday through Friday from 7PM CST to 11PM CST. When new raiding content is available on the PTR or Beta, all raiders and recruits are expected to attend as many bosses as possible. When a new instance is released, you can expect near non-stop raiding for as long as it is necessary. Once content is being farmed, our raiding schedule will be relaxed significantly.

Thanks for your time
Immortalis - 25 Man - Turns eight this year - Recruiting for Heroic Content


Since WoW beta 2004 - Good People Killing Internet Dragons Together.

If you are looking for a long term stable place to progress, then we may be the guild for you.


High: Ret Paly, Holy Paly, Mage, Warlock

Raid schedule: 25 Raiding: Monday - Thursday: 8PM (EST) - 11PM (EST)

Current Progress in 25:
T14 - 4/16 Normal
T13 – 8/8 Heroic
T12 - 6/7 Heroic
T11 – 8/13 Heroic

Been Around a Long Long Time: Immortalis has been around and has been a top server progression guild since Beta (2004). We do not mass recruit and would rather have 25 skilled players than 35 average ones. 25 Man raiding is something we all enjoy, and something we intend to continue for as long as Blizzard will allow. Many of the old school raiding videos feature our group and folks that you will still be raiding with. Average raider age is 27.

Link to our first 40 man Rag kill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsEMkRojrgw

What We Look For: We are looking for exceptional players, who are mature, dedicated, skilled, self-reliant, competitive, and good problem solvers. Raiders must be able to pick up a fight quickly, limit their mistakes, learn from their mistakes, have good raid awareness, and multitask well. We wan't people who will make Immortalis their home rather than a stopping point between guilds.

We are doing Dragon Soul hard mode content. Ideal applicants will have strong self motivation, class knowledge and have the desire to to push the limits their class has to offer. This means your character's gear and spec should reflect your commitment.

Quality applications of ALL specs and classes will be considered. We expect to see best gear available to your current raid progression and best in slot enchants.

If the above interests you, fill out an application or feel free to approach any of us in game or via our website to discuss further details. To apply, go to the link provided and follow the directions as listed.


GM & Officers: Savytar, Arkness, Kubrik, Yongshigi, Melisandre, Viveka

RealID Contact for any questions:
BattleTag: Mindcloud#1810<Melisandre>
Still looking
Add me on real id so we can talk!

Faded Dreams 7 year 25man Horde Guild: Blackhand

Get to know us:


Server first Heroic Stone Guard, add me on real id so we can talk!

We are looking for Warriors, Mages, exceptional dps are welcome and Holy Paladins.

We hold a tight roster and do NOT over recruit, please apply on our website or add me to real id: sukoidha@gmail.com or add me on my battle tag Sukoidha#1753 and we may speak via mumble if you prefer.

We do not just raid, we have alt runs, GDKP runs we do with the server, bgs, rated battle grounds and we are always having fun running old content for transmorg and finishing off peoples legendary staves.

Server: Blackhand
Guild: Faded Dreams
Guild Creation Date: 2/16/2005 (7 years)
Faction: Horde
Current progression: 1/6 H 25man
Requirements: 18+ years old, experience, knowledge of your class
Raid Times: 7pm-11pm CST Monday-Thursday
8pm-12am EST Monday-Thursday

Loot is distributed in a epgp format.

Website: www.fd.dkpsystem.com

Blackhand is hosted by the Chicago Data Center

Our Kill videos Archive on our Website:

Further, even if we are not actively recruiting your class/spec, all exceptional applicants are encouraged to apply!

~If you wish to inquire about more information, talk to Sukoidha, Theundeadone, Splertiki, Akimash, Chiphoof or Wari on blackhand or the forum; An officer is usually online by 6pm CST.
Hi there!

We currently have an immediate opening for a Mage!!

Our raid times are tues/wed/thur 8-11pm est interested.

Please visit www.Simplicity-Turalyon.com for more details

You can reach me by realid Dmarr218@gmail.com if you have any questions.

Hope to hear from you!!!

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