Quests that require flying should be marked

I was doing archeology while leveling and got some artifacts to turn in. So I followed the lines of quests to take me into the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, went to "?" on the map... and couldn't get there because there was an instance was in the way.

I asked in-game and was told that it required flying. Thanks. No one in my guild was online with the passenger flying mount, and no one in the zone responded when I asked for a lift.

That is all.
Find Mishi <Lorewalker Cho's Companion>:
You can find it in your factions shrine. Talk to it and it will fly you to the Lorewalker's camp above the raid. When you want to go back, talk to him again.
Mishi only talks to you if you have the Loremaster quest which requires level 90 though.
Mishi will give you a ride down but not up below level 90. I carried like 6 of those turn-in items in my bags until I finally got a ride up there at 86. Just have to keep bugging people to be your taxi. Or stuff them into your bank til 90. It's nice to turn them in while they're still red quests though.

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