KODS (10) CMD guild. looking for more!

Hello thank you for taking the time to look over this. First off we are a challenge mode dungeon guild. We will work are way into raids but I would like to have 2 groups of CMDs that are a good team together and work as a guild to achvie new goals in the game. We base this guild off fun an friendly members most of are members are real life friends.

What we expect out of you.
1.Be ready for anything.
2.Be flasked and raid ready.
3.Be friendly and please no drunk spamming people
4.Golden rule. (if you dont know what that is look it up)
5.Be on time. if you sign up for something be there or give us a 2 day heads up!
6.Just have fun.

We have BOA legs now!=)

Background of our leader
1.Woops raid leader. I come from mal'ganis back in wrath. Went 11/12 hm icc 25man and 11/12 hm 10 man. i missed my 25 lich kill because of my son being born. i would like to welcome anyone from new players to old school hardcore raiders that want to relax!

If your looking for a fun layed back guild that isn't pushy that dont yell at you for standing in fire or talk down about how bad your spec is or something you've done wrong were your guys.

sorry for any bad grammer very tired.

pst Woopss in game for info or an invite!

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