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Hi, i just got exalted with the serpent people and i went straight to the vendor excited and bought the Jade Serpent Mount (I also raised this one for the dailies), i learnt the mount and realized i couldn't ride it yet, so i went to wow head they said that there was a quest that taught me to ride them and that i would get the serpent i raised to maturity free with it!, im really bummed out that i spent 2.1k when i would've got it for free.

THE POINT: can blizzard in anyway take that mount out of my Mount Journal and refund the gold?, i really don't want this quest and money to go to waste
Was just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and had it resolved before
I doubt they're going to refund you.
lol its 2k
When you get your hatchling you can vendor it for 750gold I believe.

It's not quite what you spent but it can recover a small portion of what was lost.
Once you hit exalted, you should have seen a quest pop up really close to the pen your serpent was held in. This quest, which is really just a cutscene, takes about 30 seconds and gives you Cloud Serpent Riding and your particular serpent for free. Perhaps it was bugged for you (if you only farmed eggs or something) or maybe you just didn't see it. Either way I'm sorry you spent the 2k on the mount, but I also seriously doubt they'll refund your gold.
Dont worry, i sold the mount for 750g back at vendor, and no Tewa, i did dailies everyday, not fussed anymore

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