OK i am playin a rogue for pvp been doing pvp randoms for 3 days now racked up 900 points in honor but now i cant do random bg it is lvl 30 is there som kinda limit to how many times a week u can do random bgs
then y would all my toons not be able to get honor
10/10/2012 06:55 AMPosted by Kirramage
then y would all my toons not be able to get honor

You could be honor capped, i dont know.
You can run as many bgs as your hearts content
thats the thing im not caped only got 908 honor points on the one char i am doing them with
That is odd Open a ticket. You are sure it's not conquest cap your looking at right?
what do u mean conquest cap i got 908/4000 honor points on my rogue
i wouldnt think i would be caped at 908 on a lvl 30 rogue unless they are countin allmy toons honor points
i cant do any random battle grounds with any of my toons i have a lvl 19 locked rogue that has been doing bgs since lvl 12 as well ty verry much as well as my lvl 30 rogue and even my mage lvl 81 cant even do a random bg so as far as the person call me a moron u need to learn to read the full posts befor u start assumeing some one is a moron (what do u do when u assume
ok my appolgys

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