Just got Ascendance, and....

Meh. It's definitely useful as Resto but... as far as Enh goes... lackluster? I just spec'd Ele offspec and haven't tried it as Ele yet, but I was previously Enhancement and I just felt like the damage increase isn't that spectacular considering the 3 minute cooldown attached and such a short duration. Sure, the range is useful, but the damage just isn't great. Not to mention it's too damn flashy. Any decent team will CC/Disarm you when they see you turn into Elemental form or just pop cooldowns like CloS and AMS to negate 100% of your damage.

12 Seconds is too short IMO. If you compare it to, say, Warrior's Avatar ability... which has the same 3 minute cooldown but offers a 20% damage increase, immunity to snares/roots as well as increase rage generation and lasts for 20 seconds. I feel like the nature damage on autoattacks and range is fine.. but at least increase the duration to 20 seconds, like Avatar, or drop the cooldown to 2 minutes.

Again, I think it's great for Resto (which is my mainspec anyways). But for Enhancement, does anyone else feel like either a duration increase or cooldown decrease is needed? Does this ability scale better at 90?
It definitely scales better at 90 and doesn't need a change. Stormblast hits like a damn truck.
Elemental Ascendance is just all sorts of crazy. So many Lava Bursts...like a machine gun.
10/10/2012 08:59 AMPosted by Ontheroxorz
It definitely scales better at 90
10/10/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Pharaa
Elemental Ascendance is just all sorts of crazy. So many Lava Bursts...like a machine gun.

Good lord, this. hitting it during a blood lust and insta critting because of flameshock, you burst to over 100k dps on a single target.
Ascendance is 50% of the reason Enhancemnt is viable in Arena. For PVE, I cant really say much, but it definitely useful for burst situations.
At lvl 90 and with good gear its really good to Enhance

I'm the "healer killer" or "EFC killer" right now because of this + double purge glyph.

But being honestly, its the ONLY thing fun about Enhanc PvP right now. It's what keep me playing it while having so many problems on the class
It's fun when a raid is wiping. Pop it, a primal elemental, and healing tide totem (while healing rain is down) and you can single handily bring an entire 25m back from the brink of death. Not to mention spamming chain heal and popping a trinket.
Ok guys thanks for the words of hope!

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