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The Shado Pan
We are a secretive organization with a ninja-like culture dedicated to protecting Pandaria. As Pandaria has no standing army, it falls to us to defend the land, so other pandaren can go about their peaceful lives. The Sword in the shadows need you!

Shado Pan are a heavy RP/PvE guild with intent to become very large and social.
Mature players are encouraged to join. A Core Raiding/dungeon group will be put together when enough people have joined at lvl cap to form one.

To join simply contact:
Xoashi - RP/PvE GM
Zhoë - PvE Raid lead

All inquiries will be met with both an IC interview and OOC interview with a moderate probation period ending with a promotion to full member as the officers see fit. Rank will be given ICly based on Events. PvE rank will be given to those only interested in Raiding/Dungeons.

A OOC Channel is in the works and a website soon.
We will be setting up RP events and guild runs ASAP.

Come join the fun and wonder that is the most secretive group of Pandaria.
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Interesting idea. I like to see this sort of thing. I'd like to see some rp around the Shado-pan and the Horde.
Sounds awesome, Ill be lvl capped soon and maybe we can :)
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job well done! I'll wait for the epic introduction!
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Thank you for the input and the helpful criticism I've received from everyone. The guild is growing. I hope more will join us soon!
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bumps for shadowy swords!
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The Shado Pan would not take a faction.
Derp. Seems my mask is to big for my head. I didn't see the Awesome intro
Maybe the intro to the guild isnt amazing but its something, and I'll reword the "of the horde" part as I too believe is shouldnt be falling on a single faction. But I still think the Idea is a great one and If trolls are allowed to RP as Drakkari/Gurubashi/Zandalari/Amani/etc. then I dont see why Pandas on the horde side couldnt RP a well known faction in the game.

If you dont agree with this then fine leave it alone, I'm still looking for more to expand on this and make it great.
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Just as a warning, I believe that naming a guild after a WoW organization is against the rules/EULA/whathaveyou.

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