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10/19/2012 08:59 PMPosted by Arkturas
Just as a warning, I believe that naming a guild after a WoW organization is against the rules/EULA/whathaveyou.

It is a technical breach..but the only condition you may have to worry about is perhaps some random persons angst if you have somehow ticked them off in a strange manner, put in a ticket with Blizzard just in case to make sure there isn't an issue.
Bump because I like the guild idea.
I have a few questions to ask.

-How are you going to deal with the uniform? Have you made one just for the guild?
-Are pandaren who join this guild icly still members of the Horde, if not do you have plans to make a branch of the guild on the Alliance?
The uniform is going to be some variation of the shado-pan's style but with the individual in mind. I would like it to become mandatory for everyone to at least get the look-a-like helm but that to me is a little much to ask right now.

The members of the guild are ICly not part of the horde but a branch of the faction that deals with more horde related things much like the Shadowtusk are not of the horde but a collection of trolls that are welcomed in horde cities.

I would love to have an alliance branch aswell to cover both sides and make it as diverse as possible yes, for now though the Horde side is where my focus will be until I can locate members that would like to help me in this expansion.
Lvl 4!!!!

Nightly bumpz
Just in defence of guilds with in game names of organizations, I believe it's fine. There's a few, and they are quite big and have been here before. They've never had this issue, so I don't think it is one.
As far as there being an issue with the guild name, Ive spoken with blizzard and its fine. There are no issues.

10/26/2012 04:43 AMPosted by Barkatelune
Just as a warning, I believe that naming a guild after a WoW organization is against the rules/EULA/whathaveyou.

If that were true, we wouldn't see so many bad Scarlet/Silver Hand guilds.

Back to the topic, sounds interesting, but my Wu-Kao disciple is sadly blueside, and I plan to keep it that way.

I plan on expanding to blue side once I get enough people interested.
Kudos, I support this guild, for what it's worth.
I have been wanting this guild. Somuch.
Any particular class y'all need more of?
The only requirement is you must be a panda. There are no specific classes we're looking for at this moment. My wife will be selecting a group for raiding after enough guildies hit lvl cap.
I would love to RC to panda and join you, if you'd be so kind as to let me in. =)
Bumping for Shado Pan support.
The Undercity Census, while not an organization to readily declare war, still wish to bring awareness to this event, and ask for a rally cry!

A call to arms in memory and to boast honor to those who shall soon be departed! May they NOT go quietly into the night! May the whole of Azeroth know the might of the Horde! And may the whole of Wyrmrest know and join in giving our farewells to this guild of good people!

@Catteline: I'm going to be joining that event on my warlock I cant wait.

10/26/2012 02:28 PMPosted by Marcilene
I would love to RC to panda and join you, if you'd be so kind as to let me in. =)

Message me in-game or send me mail and ill get with you as soon as I can. Ill be working all night tonight so best chance to speak with me would be now for the next few hours.
Seems very intresting. It would be nice if something like this got pretty large, as it would be a very enjoyable thing. I figure I may join and see how it all is. Now, to decide between Warrior, or Hunter...Aaaaah why must it be made so difficult for me..
I have created the Alliance-side 'branch', <Sword in the Shadows>. The name is taken from one of the alternative names for the Shado Pan - the other being 'Watchers on the Wall'.

I structured the ranks/named them as you mentioned, Xoashi. I left in the 'class leader' rank for Master (of the x), however I have very little current content PvE raiding experience. Unless I have an officer in the near future who wants to bring PvE to the table, I wouldn't call the Alliance Branch anything but Heavy-RP.

The Master rank may instead be reallocated to experienced Masters IC of various techniques for the Alliance-side branch.

Event wise I intend to try and have some 'training' style teaching events for Shado Pan members (once I have recruited). Later, I'll work on a storyline or mission for the group to follow once I'm at level with Pandaria content.

Alliance side recruitment will be OOC interview with me. Characters may be already part of the Shado Pan or new members. Rank advancement will be based on IC advancement more than OOC considerations. As I'm sure is true with the <Shado Pan> Hordeside, Pandaren only of any class.
Sounds awesome. And yes you've basically outlined <Shado Pan> Hordeside as far as Rank advancement.
I will try to send a character over to help with PvE content as soon as I can to bring both guilds to a varied player base.

Also, I too intend on some 'training style' events once more people have been recruited.

Thank you for the support and I cant wait to see both guilds in action soon.

Edit: I changed the header and added a few things to the initial post.

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