[H-RP] Shado Pan

Wyrmrest Accord
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WAR!! bump
Goodnight Bump, Off to carlsbad soon.
Almost lvl 6 bump.

Sals I need to speak with you about a communications device. Think you can help?
Stuck at work till 7am bump....
I just got the site started, It needs some work.
Ya sure, Xoashi, I make radios and such, so we can rp that out.
YAY! I have a place to belong now! I look forward to seeing you all around.
Goodnight bump
Sounds like an interesting guild, keep up the good work!
Working overnights bump...

To all guildies: Please go to the website and put in an app so I can register you on the webpage.

To everyone else: The webpage is lacking ... a lot to be honest but I will be accepting guild requests Via the website as well as in game for now. So If your interested in joining the guild put in an App!
I almost made it this time to perform the bump.
Goodmorning/goodnight bump
Still looking for more Panda players, accepting all classes and lvls, will be starting guild events soon.
Offering the thread another bump.
Clever bump.
I really love that you guys are doing these guilds. When I finally get around to working on my Pandaren mage, I might be hitting you up.
Thank you Thane, Minkuni, The guilds are a lot of work. Thankfully Horde side has expanded slowly and members are starting to reap the benefits (Guild lvl 7 now). Your both welcome to join either guild.

Again thank you I have high hopes for both.

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