[H-RP] Shado Pan

Wyrmrest Accord
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Also bump, still accepting people!
When I wrote that, I thought you hadn't yet.

Good luck to the Horde guild! I wish you much, much more success!
Good Morning Wyrmrest Bump! Any of you guildless Pandas wandering around Orgrimmar are welcome to join the Shado Pan.

We have plenty of fitness programs to help you gain a few extra pounds you might have lost over the holidays.

Join Us!
Bored at work bump
Finally off work bump
Shado Pan Bump
Too early to be going to work Bump!
Early monday morning dont want to go to work bump
Still Fighting Mantid in our off time Bump
Alt Bump
Guild lvl 11! And Welcome to the new members of the guild!
... Morning...
Now inviting Lorewalkers and Golden Lotus
Before work bump, We are on a precipice of growth just need to get a few more to join.
Lvl 11! Bump
Bump! Still looking for more Pandaren!

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