LFM to do cleaning up achievement tonight at 1 am (10/11/2012).

Looking to take:
463 ilvl minimum please and be fully gemmed and enchanted on your gear as if you were raid ready.

Warlock dps
Hunter dps
Pally/dk/monk tank
Shaman/priest heals

Add my battle tag Shamestia#1544 if you are interested in coming. This is the last achievement I need for my glory. We will be using ventrilo and everyone will be looking at the video before we start.
If you plan on doing this with a healer then you need some beastly DPS.
I already have the ach but I'll tank it for you if I'm awake at 1 AM.

I'll add you tonight and message you beforehand to see if you still need a tank, but if you can find a tank who still needs the ach then by all means take them as priority.

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