467Resto/ele sham LF establised Raiding guild

Guild Recruitment
formally played a priest, decided to roll sham for mop. looking for a group actually wanting to push and take thing serious. send a in game mail or add me via battle tag for more information.

past xp:
8/8h Ds madness at 10%
7/7h pre firelands

time available: Sun-Thursday 8pm - 1am Est
possible could do 30 mins earlier.

<OldSkool> is a newly formed 10 Man raiding guild looking for solid competent players to start pushing through MOP heroic raiding content. We intend on raiding Tuesday, THursday, and Sunday from 9-1 Est time. Whisper Saze on icecrown server for more information. Or add me to realid and ill get back to you. Sieruc@gmail.com
<Proven Legacy>
4/16 T14
Raid Times and Days: Thurs-Sat 9pm-1am Pst
Previous Exp:
13/13 HM t11
7/7 HM t 12
8/8 HM t13

Due to real life we are in need of a new off healer for our core. Since a lot of posts drag on forever i will keep this short.

We are a top raiding guild that runs later and less hours then most and is in top 3 on server with great compitision. We hold a high level of awareness and quick thinking. We are rather chill and not very anal. we are Not casual but we treat people with respect. Basically dont waste our time and we will keep you laughing and killing bosses.

1 SP w/ Holy or Disc os
1 Boomy w/ resto os
1 Ele Shammy w/ Resto os


hit me up for more info.
TL;DR: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5235710537?page=1

We're looking for a skilled resto shaman to round out our healing team.
We raid 8pm-11pmEST, Monday and Thursday.
Iron and Blood is now openly recruiting DPS/Heals- If you feel that you have a positive attitude that contributes to the flow of raiding, in depth knowledge of both your class and boss mechanics, and are able to provide the dps to back up your claims of being a decent raider, then we want you to join us!

Currently our main needs are:

DPS (mainly, but NOT limited to Hunter, Boomkin,Ele/enhance sham, mage, ret paladin, monk, shadow priest, DK, warrior) recruiting all exceptional dps, so please feel free to apply even if your class is not on here!

TANK- Would be a third tank position so MUST have strong DPS spec and set

HEALS- Monk/Shaman

6/16 NORMAL – Realm first full clear

Past Progress – While tier was current
8/8H Dragon Soul
6/7 Heroic Firelands
7/13 Heroic BWD/BOT/Tot4W (25 man)13/13Heroic (10 man)

Iron and Blood is a Horde Faction guild created on November 26th, 2009 and since then we have continued to be a top 10 guild on the Blackhand server in terms of 25 man progression. Our Raid Times are Tue-Thur 7-11pm Server (central time) with short breaks around 9 pm Server. Our loot distribution is done fairly through EPGP and with rank based priority (GM+Officer roll together with Raiders). New recruits of the guild go through a 2 week evaluation period where many factors are considered into your promotion OR demotion.If interested in more information on the guild, feel free to visit our website Ironandblood.guildlaunch.com to view current guild videos of our kills from this tier or to apply! Those seeking to apply are asked to have not only an understanding of current content encounters, but also experience in the current tier of raiding.
If you are interested feel free to APP at Ironandblood.guildlaunch.com or come talk to us on our server an officer is almost always on. (dromynus,ticklemonsta, Tit(alt code 131)n and multiple other alts, just ask in guild)
Hi there!

I would like to talk to you in game about the possibility of joining Vindication a 25 man guild on Area 52 (High Pop). Vindication is 7/7HM in Firelands and 8/8HM in DS, and looking for more mature competent people to continue forward in MOP. We raid on Wed, Sun and Mon from 8pm to Midnight EST. Please get back to me Via Real ID so that we can Chat :D

Kaldrea - Recruitment Officer- Real ID: Kaldria@comcast.net
Fivemagics - Guild Leader - Real ID: ums_fadetoblack@yahoo.com

You can also contact me through Email and get a quicker response!
Best Kept Secret Gaming is a hardcore 10 man horde guild on Tichondrius. We are 4/6 MV so far in our first week(lost a tank in our first week of progression due to real life issues)... now we have a recruit doing 45k dps... on elegon ; really need a solid 10th.

Raid Times:
6-12 EST 4 to 7 days a week, depending on how we are doing on progression.

This is for hard core progression and consists of very dedicated players

What you can expect from us:
-A great raid team
-No guild drama
-Experienced, Helpful players
-Putting progress before loot
-People that know what they are doing
-No moaning
-Wow addicts that are on wow if they are not at work.

What we are are looking for in applicants
-Determined and Dedicated players.
- Ranked and good dps
- Geared and properly gemmed/forged(ask mr robot won't cut it)
- Prepared and ready to raid with minimal missing
- The ability to follow simple directions and have fun doing it.
- Desire to want to do good in the game with alot of time on your hands.

How loot is distributed:
-Progression loot table based on loot council.

Curent demand:
- Range,Mellee,or heals

If interested and you think you can fit in, contact one of the following in game:
Officer- Azraellia(Bløødline#1982)
Questionable Intent is a 25-man Horde weekend raiding guild on Shadowmoon (US-PvP, EST).

Raid Schedule
  • Friday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Saturday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Monday – 8 PM – 12 AM EST
  • Sometimes our raids will go past our scheduled raid times if we are getting close to downing a progression boss or to finish clearing up some farm content. However, we try to limit this to no more than 10-20 minutes. Our raids pull precisely on time with pre-planned breaks because we understand that sitting at your computer for any number of hours can be difficult.

    We are a 25 man raiding guild. We strive to down as much content as we can during our allotted raiding time. Our goal is to be a successful and compete with guilds that raid four days a week so in order to do this we need upper talented, motivated players. Alts are welcome in our guild but be aware that even though it is your alt, it is a main in our guild. That said, you must have BiS enchants and know your class thoroughly.

    Recruitment Needs* (Alts of Weekday Raiders are welcome.)
  • Tanks
  • Healers
  • DPS
  • *If you feel that you are an exceptional player, feel free to apply even if we are not specifically recruiting your class. We are always looking for talented, quality and capable players to add to our roster.

  • Tier 14
      6/16 Normal
  • Tier 13
      8/8 Heroic
      Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider
  • Loot Distribution

    Loot is distributed through a merit-based loot council. What this means to you as a potential raider in Questionable Intent is that your performance will always be taken into account when deciding loot. We do not limit performance to just how well you do on DPS/Damage Meters. Our idea of performance constitutes your attitude, how well you prepare for raid encounters, how much damage/dps you deal and take in an encounter, what you contribute to the guild outside of raid times, where it would benefit the raid more and how well you take direction.


    Zierius - Alcarius#1540
    Derrickster - derrickster#1587
    Venus - venus#1169
    Pryne - Pryne#1736

    You may also contact us via whisper in game on the characters Zierius, Derrickster, Venùs (ù= alt+0249) or Pryne; or you may visit our website at [url]http://qiguild.guildomatic.com[/url]

    How to Apply

    We realize that not everyone is comfortable or very good at filling out a 'form' for applying. As a result, we offer two methods of application: You may apply via public or private form application available on our guild website or you may apply via a vent interview that will cover the same points as the form application. If you elect to attempt application to Questionable Intent, please review the application form available on our forums prior to the interview.
    Hey, I'm 2/6HM and I wouldn't bother with this 10 man unless I knew it would work. I am willing to gurantee that our core is exceedingly solid.

    Powerful Wizards IRL is a 10-man focused Horde guild on Mal'ganis that intends to raid 2 days a week but still progress at a rapid rate. The raid times will tentatively be from 9am-1pm AEST on Sat/SUn or 4pm-8pm on PST Fri/Sat.

    Our core comes from Transcended in TBC followed by Heat in Cataclysm. We have had great success raiding in Cata and our notable accomplishments raiding only 2 days a week in the 10-man bracket in Cataclysm include:

    T11 - Finishing US 159th despite having a month's late start (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/proudmoore/Heat/rating.tier11)
    T12 - Being the 8th US guild to kill H-Rag 10 (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/proudmoore/Heat/rating.tier12)

    Unfortunately, a couple of our main raid had to quit before T13, forcing us to stop raiding temporarily. However, each one of us in this guild were part of all the guild's firsts and have extensive experience raiding. Videos of our notable T11 and T12 kills can be found at www.youtube.com/transcendedwow.

    As per tradition, we do not employ a loot council or a DKP system but simply leave it to our raiders to sort the loot out amongst themselves.

    As of now, our roster consists of two tanks (Brewmaster Monk and Prot Warrior), two healers (Restoration Druid and Shaman) and four DPS (Rogue, Mage, Warlock, SPriest). Hence, we're looking for the following classes to augment our roster.

    1x Hunter
    1x Ret Paladin with Holy OS
    1x Mage
    1x Ele Shaman

    Disclaimer: We will NOT be over recruiting and expect our members to be able to have a good attendence rate.

    Finally, it is not a necessity for potential applicants to have extensive raiding experience in Cataclysm as we understand some may simply not have had the opportunity or time then. However, we do expect our applicants to have the raw talent to do well. If you're interested and if you fit the bill, please feel free to add Ceddya#6907 on Real ID and we can take it from there. Alternatively, you can leave your BattleTag here and I will contact you ASAP.
    Immortalis - 25 Man - Turns eight this year - Recruiting for Heroic Content


    Since WoW beta 2004 - Good People Killing Internet Dragons Together.

    If you are looking for a long term stable place to progress, then we may be the guild for you.


    High: Ret Paly, Holy Paly, Mage, Ele Shaman

    Raid schedule: 25 Raiding: Monday - Thursday: 8PM (EST) - 11PM (EST)

    Current Progress in 25:
    T14 - 4/16 Normal
    T13 – 8/8 Heroic
    T12 - 6/7 Heroic
    T11 – 8/13 Heroic

    Been Around a Long Long Time: Immortalis has been around and has been a top server progression guild since Beta (2004). We do not mass recruit and would rather have 25 skilled players than 35 average ones. 25 Man raiding is something we all enjoy, and something we intend to continue for as long as Blizzard will allow. Many of the old school raiding videos feature our group and folks that you will still be raiding with. Average raider age is 27.

    Link to our first 40 man Rag kill http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsEMkRojrgw

    What We Look For: We are looking for exceptional players, who are mature, dedicated, skilled, self-reliant, competitive, and good problem solvers. Raiders must be able to pick up a fight quickly, limit their mistakes, learn from their mistakes, have good raid awareness, and multitask well. We wan't people who will make Immortalis their home rather than a stopping point between guilds.

    We are doing Dragon Soul hard mode content. Ideal applicants will have strong self motivation, class knowledge and have the desire to to push the limits their class has to offer. This means your character's gear and spec should reflect your commitment.

    Quality applications of ALL specs and classes will be considered. We expect to see best gear available to your current raid progression and best in slot enchants.

    If the above interests you, fill out an application or feel free to approach any of us in game or via our website to discuss further details. To apply, go to the link provided and follow the directions as listed.


    GM & Officers: Savytar, Arkness, Kubrik, Yongshigi, Melisandre, Viveka

    RealID Contact for any questions:
    BattleTag: Mindcloud#1810<Melisandre>
    <Proven Legacy>
    4/16 T14
    Raid Times and Days: Thurs-Sat 9pm-1am Pst
    Previous Exp:
    13/13 HM t11
    7/7 HM t 12
    8/8 HM t13

    Due to real life we are in need of a new off healer for our core. Since a lot of posts drag on forever i will keep this short.

    We are a top raiding guild that runs later and less hours then most and is in top 3 on server with great compitision. We hold a high level of awareness and quick thinking. We are rather chill and not very anal. we are Not casual but we treat people with respect. Basically dont waste our time and we will keep you laughing and killing bosses.

    1 SP w/ Holy or Disc os
    1 Boomy w/ resto os
    1 Ele Shammy w/ Resto os


    hit me up for more info.
    We are in need of a elemental shaman for our 25m raid team. Please contact me or Bowtuk. Below is our guild info.

    <Scorn> has returned after a more than 2 year hiatus and began rebuilding in June. We started off with 10s (8/8 HM DS10 before MoP) and have recently shifted to 25s and will continue to raid as a 25 man group in MoP.

    We are looking for great players who want to raid progression without having to spend 30 hours a week doing so. Our philosophy is to raid 3-4 nights a week, 2-3 hours a night. We believe this keeps us fresh and less likely to mentally check out. Anyone who has raided 4-5 hour nights knows you’re nothing more than a zombie those last 1-2 hours.

    We have several spots to fill, mainly ranged DPS. See below.

    Guild Level: 25
    Mists: 1/6 MV (10M)
    Cata: 8/8 HM DS10, 1/8 HM DS25
    Raid Days: Monday through Thursday
    Raid Times: 10:30pm-12:30am EST
    Loot Distribution: Loot Council
    Recruiting Needs
    Tanks: N/A
    Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman, Balance Druid, Mage
    Melee DPS:n/a
    [b]Healers: n/a

    We expect that you have done your research on what gear you need, how to spec/gem/enchant/reforge. We can help you along the way, but you must be committed to maximizing your contribution. We need people who are committed to improving themselves, their character and, above all, the guild.

    Please visit us at scorn-guild.org and apply. You may also contact Bowtuk, Disarray or myself in game or over ventrilo: wdc-v1.cursevoice.com:4639, no password. My realID is sagedragoon79@yahoo.com
    We're in need of a solid shaman healer please check us out below and apply if you are interested.

    Website: http://completelydifferent.enjin.com

    Server: Terenas-US PvE

    Raid Times: Tues/Wed 8-12 EST

    Contact Email: completelydifferentguild@gmail.com

    Contact Battle Tag: Shaid#1203

    Progression: T14 6/14N, T13 8/8H (3/14/12), T12 7/7H (10/12/11), Server First etc. For the last 2+ years CD has been one of the best (frequently the #1) 2-night raiding guilds in the US. Our heroic kills range from top 200 to top 50 US 10+25 man combined rankings.


    Completely Different was designed with one goal in mind; to provide ex top players a place to still enjoy that level of play now that they are no longer able to dedicate dozens of hours a week to raiding. Our guild consists of those ex top raiders (Vigil, Death and Taxes, Cuties Only, Drama, Flavor Country, Vodka, Premonition, Enigma, etc.) whose lives are now filled with other commitments but find it frustrating to play at the level of most guilds that raid these types of hours. This group achieves it's success because while it may take a ton of work to get to the level needed to compete for top world kills, it doesn't take much after that to maintain your ability to perform at that level.

    CD is a long standing 4+ year old guild, some of our members have been on this server and playing together for well over seven years now I guess. We have chosen to focus on ten mans because they have proven to not only be difficult but we also feel that they stress the importance of individual performance and accountability more than their larger counterpart. It is important to note that while we do raid a relaxed schedule these applicants are expected to keep nearly 100% attendance (the occasional week long vacation is fine as is anything that occurs rarely enough and with enough warning to allow us to find a sub).

    Aside from being a good personality fit for our group we are looking for two main qualities in our raiders. The first is straight forward and that is the ability to learn quickly and from available sources before we even pull. In order to succeed in an 8 hour raid week this quality cannot be stressed enough. The second is the ability to make 50-100+ pulls w/o making a mistake. With our limited time spent in game each week we need to minimize the amount of time spent on the execution phase of learning a fight, this boils down to having players who can execute a pull perfectly after learning the basics of a fight on the first 5-10 pulls.

    If you find you have any questions please contact either Shaidar (in game, on our forums, or at the listed email at the top) or any other member online in game.

    -Shaidar, GM and RL of Completely Different.
    I know you say only 1 am EST. But we dont start until 10PM EST so you might consider it a possibility. We currently have no resto shamans on our roster and our in desperate need of one. Read the spam and hope to hear from you soon.

    -About us-

    We're Pretty Pink Pwnies (PPP), a 25 man Horde guild on US-Boulderfist. This version of the guild has been around since 2005, originating way back to vanilla WoW on Deathwing. We've puttered around various servers over the years and currently reside on Boulderfist. Some of our members have known each other for five or more years now, and we take pride in maintaining a tight knit group. Most of our members are in their 20s, and we do not actively recruit people under the age of 18.

    Our officers include Vladya, Chopliver, and Eyex!

    Feel free to message any one of us if you have questions.

    -Current Recruiting Priorities as of 10/11/12-

    Death Knight : Closed
    Druid: Open (Feral and Balance DPS)
    Hunter: Open
    Mage: Open
    Monk: Open (Mistweaver & Windwalker)
    Paladin: Open (Holy & Ret DPS)
    Priest: Open (Shadow)
    Rogue: Open
    Shaman: Open (Resto)
    Warrior: Closed

    As always, you are encouraged to apply even if your class is not listed above if you feel you would be an asset to the guild.

    -Raid Times-

    Tuesday - Thursday
    7pm - 11pm PST

    7pm -10pm PST

    -What we expect from you-

    As a raider we would expect you to make at least 90% of our raids, although we understand that real life issues which take priority over WoW do occur. Your performance in our raids and your ability to mesh with our current group of raiders are going to be looked at very seriously when we consider you for a position as a core raider. This is critical. We give raid spots to people who deserve it, even if it was someone who's been with us for years and years. We have a simple rule- we bring the best people. Raid spots are earned, not given. If you do better than the core/officer who's been around, then we'll bring you to our raids. We recruit to raid, not to be a bench backup raider who sits around all the time. We don't like that and we're pretty sure you don't either.

    -What you can expect from us-

    You will start with a written application, upon passing that, we will have a vent interview, and then an offer of a guild invite will be made. If you perform to the level we expect from our raiders and you make 90% or more of our raids you can expect to become one of our core raiders. We are honest and upfront about your ability as a player, and will keep you updated on how your application process is progressing.

    During your app phase we keep close ties with you and reach out to give you feedback on how you're doing. All of our core raiders receive free consumables, including flasks, potions, food, gems, enchants, AND repairs.

    We use an officer loot council system based on what's best for the progression of the guild, while tracking attendance and loots taken.

    If you believe you would be a great addition to our group of core raiders then we are eagerly awaiting your application. We mean it when we say that if you can outperform one of our members, you'll get that raid spot guaranteed. We believe in bringing the best players to a raid. If that means six warriors or six shadow priests or six mages, then so be it. We'll bring what it takes to kill bosses and compete for #1 on the server.

    Thanks for reading, good luck, and we hope to hear from you soon!

    -Contact information-

    Pretty Pink Pwnies - US Boulderfist Horde

    Vladya realid- Vladya#1125
    Chopliver realid- Traumatize#1690
    Eyex realid- Eyex#1958
    Kev added you to friends an hour or so ago. We are defiantly looking for *you* to raid as soon as tonight.

    Kevin#1977 or Angela#1877

    Our spam:

    Week one we killed 2 bosses and put in some good attempts on the third. Before our third night of raiding we lost 4 raiders who came in a "group deal". We have replaced 3... we want to raid tonight, we just need YOU!

    Our Ideal fit is:
    • Shaman or Paladin but we would also consider a Holy Priest.
    • Full time healer -or- The DPS/Heals swing person who changes based on fight
    • Previous HM experience
    • Good Attitude

    8pm - 12am EST

    Server isn't very progressed, we don't see any issue with being server first. Top guild on server right now is only 4/6. If you want to be top 100 in the world we probably don't raid enough for you. But if 3 nights a week with some fun people where you're at the top of the server sounds nice, give us a shout!

    Kevin#1977 --- Angela#1877

    Hi there lexi,

    Fever of Malorne is need of a good ele shaman (like yourself) to aid in further progression in all Mists of Pandaria content. We have always prided ourselves in seeing all the content available and competing in us and world rankings. We have been around since Burning Crusade (5 ½ Years). We have successfully completed all previous content. Also, we have made it a point to achieve the majority of achievements available with some of our players competing in the world rankings. If you are looking for a guild that is stable in its environment and with loyal and dedicated players, then Fever is the guild for you!!

    Current Progression: 6/16 – Current Ranking - 371/145 (25M)

    Raid Information
    25 Man: Monday –Thursday 8-12 CST

    Recruitment Needs
    Death Knight: High (DPS)
    Monk: High (Windwalker and Mistweaver)
    Priest: High (Shadow)
    Shaman : High (Elemental and Resto)

    If you are interested, you can apply at http://www.feverguild.com/ and clicking application! If you have any questions, feel free to contact Parmenion (GM), Kissthebaby, Moi, Trogi, Silvertitan (AGM) ,Invincible (RL). Also feel free to real ID our recruitment consultant via battle tag at Motab#1896.

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