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That I will actually stick with. Every composition I've tried so far I suddenly realized at some point some horrible flaw that made me scrap it. My current idea that I'd love feed back on:

Sporeling Sprout (Humanoid): Takedown, Creeping Fungus, Spore Shrooms. This pet is nice because he has decent damage, good self heals from his Humanoid passive, DoT's that just keep coming, and three damage types (Humanoid, Undead, Elemental).

Restless Shadeling (Undead): Arcane Blast, Plagued Blood (for fun times in combination with my Sprout's DoT's), Death Coil. I like this guy because he's got a nice big health pool, very nice healing, and brings Magic and Undead damage to the table.

Healer! I want to put either a Emerald Whelpling or a Celestial Dragon here. Both have a team heal which is what I really want in one slot. I'm not sure on which to go with, though. Emerald Whelp I'd run Breath (so I have Dragonkin damage), Moonfire (for the buff to healing and my Sprout's abilities), Tranquility. Celestial it'd be Breath (Dragonkin damage again), Ancient Blessing (health buff would be nice to keep my Sporeling alive longer), Starfall (Heals and Moonlight buff to heals and Sporeling damage).

Basically, I'm looking for pro input here. Is there some fundamental defect with my desired set up (aside from difficulties with some pet masters, I have a crabby to faceroll through any pet master)? And if there isn't, which pet would best fill my third slot? Celestial Dragon or Emerald Whelp?

Thanks for any/all opinions and feedback!
Any input? D=
The Onyxian Whelping can tank on it's own from what i've found.
I think it's pretty good.

The Sporeling is good vs: Undead, Dragons, Mechanicals and Critters
The Whelpling is good vs: Flyers and Magic
The Shadeling is good vs: Humans, Flyers and Dragons

My only reservations is that you don't really have any good answers vs. Elementals, Aquatics and Beasts. Beasts in particular are quite common, and there are some very annoying ones, like spiders, which can ruin your day.
Level several of each type to 25, or at least get the achievement.

You'll find that, barring a few "odd" pets, you have decent teams to suit any situation, as the overlap allows for some breating room.
How much of a buff is Moonlight to the Sporeling Sprout's Creeping Fungus? I usually use Leech Seed for the healing.
Honestly, I'm not sure. The two are not leveled.

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