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  • As the forces of the Alliance and the Horde left the Outlands for newer and greater wars, few have taken time to even note that there are still many heroes who stayed behind. There are still manned forts in the Outlands and even before the Alliance returned through the Dark Portal (BC), there were the men and women of the Expedition who had fought and died there for twenty or so years.

    Melbrean is one of them, and for the first time since the launch of the original Alliance Expedition, he's returning to Azeroth.

    Having been a member of the original Alliance Expedition, his hatred of the orcs and the Horde is something unwavering - and when word came through the Dark Portal that the Alliance of Azeroth had sided with the Orcs, even against the face of the demons they fought, it was a betrayal of its own.

    For those who's sole occupation, without any relief, for the past twenty plus years has been killing orcs, acceptance of what had been happening on Azeroth isn't something that comes easily - but the renewed conflict between the Red and Blue may yet provide some hope of righting the wrongs.

    Melbrean is trying to adjust to life back on Azeroth and, walking through the streets of a city he only knew as a pile of rubble, he finds himself staring at an even stranger world which seems more foreign than the Outlands themselves.
  • Hoping to come across some characters who have been living on Azeroth for those twenty years to get some -historical fill ins- ICly. He's been absent from the lore of the Wrath of the Lich King and Cata and MoP - though he has heard snippits of information.

    Feel free to toss a message in game, or walk up - he'll be wandering around for a while.

    Using TRP/GHI.
    Cedrinn is much the same! He's been a lumberjack at Eastvale for most of his life, taking up the "man of the house" mantle when his father went off to war.

    Ced will be journeying to Northrend soon, however, to try and recover his father's body. He perished at the Wrathgate and so far Stormwind has been unable to return his bones to his family.

    While his father's death finally prompted Ced to get out into the world, almost everything is still very unfamiliar to him, including some races within the Alliance itself. He and Melbrean would get along swimmingly.
    Don't really have any characters that fit what you're looking for, but I do have a young hunter who, having been born and raised in Outland, doesn't know much about life on the other side of the Portal herself. Would really love to RP with some people who similarly know very little about Azeroth.
    Westock here has recently returned from Outland himself. He isolated himself there, to study magic when the Dark Portal reopened and just returned around the time Deathwing was killed.

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