I officially give up

Pet Battles
Bwahaha, that's hilarious. I'm sorry for your luck. I haven't tried catching a minfernal yet, so I haven't felt your pain. But that picture is pretty funny.
Yeah... I would just leave.
Yeah, looks very similar to what I'm seeing on my realm. >.<
Ya that is what it looks like every time I go there. I don't care what time day or night it is.
/hugs poor quality Minfernal

Good luck to those of you trying to get into the server early to get one.
The minfernal doesn't appreciate quitters anyway!

But yeah, seriously, some of the rare pets are completely insane to try and farm. Not really worth the effort in the long run, especially not while pet battles are the new hot thing.
Yeah I wouldn't even try for a minfernal except on a server restart. I got lucky and happened to be playing this past Sunday when they did the restart at 10am pst. I was able to get my uncommon minfernal and actually had about 7 shots at a rare, though I didn't get lucky.
Don't give up.

I've had a toon parked in Felwood for a couple days, checking every couple hours or so. I found one about fifteen minutes before the restart. Uncommon, but good enough, I'm not a serious enough collector to snipe a Minfernal from someone who doesn't have one at all, just so that I can get a rare.

Then I snagged a rare Sporeling Sprout!

It's been a good hour.
Yeah I'm not even bothering with that noise. I caught an uncommon quality one in the first week or so of Mists and I'm just going to be content with that and bide my time to see if Blizz does give us a way to upgrade pet quality.
Ha, about what I saw while on a parked alt before servers went down. My only hope is my server is up before theirs.
I actually got one after the server restart... only common, but that's good enough for me. The few spawns that popped were gone in probably less than a minute.
Got one just now and i'm quite happy with it.
JK I didn't give up

I got one, poor quality, but the fact I got one is an achievement since while I was fighting mine apparently someone was going around KILLING them. Feel sorry for those that missed their chance on this restart.
@limes - Gratz!
I literally spent 3 days on and off searching for fel flames in shadowmoon and they aren't even that popular.. at most there were like 1-2 other people there farming them, but for some reason their spawn was so slow I literally thought they were bugged because I flew all over the hand of gul'dan and most of shadowmoon multiple times and couldn't find a SINGLE one.

I can't even imagine trying to get a pet, let alone a decent quality one with that many people camping it. Is there something amazing about the minfernal ability\synergy wise or do people just think they look cool?

I got in before CRZ was up, apparently it's a different server restart going by my chat message. Then I went through way too many Fel flames, but got 4 rares for my efforts :3 I am glad I kept the ones that came in as 2nd pets instead of skipping them. The others were a tainted cockroach, ash viper and scorpid.
I feel bad now for owning a Rare Minfernal D:

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