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I did a couple of these without taking damage but got no credit...if my pet takes damage does that null it for me? Seems kind've lame.
Pets shouldn't count for towards taking damage for the achievement, as that's how I got most of mine done. That said, I'm there are still issues with this achievement.

I've done Uruk once, and Cheng Bo twice now, all three times taking 0 damage (watching with recount, no shields that would have reduced damage to 0 since that counts as taking damage). I've yet to get credit for any of them.

Yesterday I had all but those 2 done as well, but after todays set of dailies Spirit Dust is grayed out for me again, which I had credit for yesterday.
I would say it's safe to assume that if your pet takes damage, you will fail the achievement. It's how many of these types of achievements have worked in the past, and probably will continue to work into the future.
Pets don't fail the achievement. I have gotten all quests offered so far on our server counted towards the achievement with my pet and Protector Yi tanking and taking damage.

It'd help to get a damage meter to see if you take damage at any point between accepting the quests and turning them in. Edit: Keep in mind, fall damage and damage from non-quest mobs will fail the achievement if it happens during this period.
Also want to point out that I did a couple of these, I got the credit and then when I checked today, my progress on 2 of them were reset. Not happy about that, cuz it was a pain.
I got credit for "Assault Deadtalker's Plateau" and "Spirit Dust" yesterday; I logged in today to see that "Spirit Dust" has since been reset and grayed out. Very funny, guys. :/

And I'm very sure that I took no damage when defeating Cheng-Bo and turning that quest in, but I didn't get credit for it; either a bug, or it didn't like that someone else pulled and tagged all of the mobs before I got there. (Still, quest mobs are quest mobs. I'm filing it under bug.)

But for pet classes: Your pet can take damage. It's just you who cannot.
I also completed Spirit Dust and Uruk! without taking personal damage, but did not receive credit. As a non-pet class, do Shado-pan companions affect achievement progress?
i also had the Spirit dust part reset on me...And also having killed each of the "bosses" multiple times without taking damage at all I still haven't gotten that part done, so yeah, this is messed up pretty bad...Blizz, please do something about this...It's bad enough being a rogue as is, let me at least have something here...
Same problem with Spirit Dust, got credit 2 days ago now is gray again. Also did Cheng Bo with no companion and with a group, they got all the damage i took none, I tagged the mob and even with all of this I didnt get credit for it.

Plz Fix it Blizzard

PD: Check the Scenaterday Achievement also.
I've had multiple instances where I got no credit even though I took no damage, and now I've also had the bug where I got credit, but it was removed the next day.
Finally (after three days of doing it) got Cheng Bo! portion done, but Spirit Dust has grayed out after being completed three times now.

Definitely still an issue.
This achievement is still bugged. Once I actually finish it, I will find protector Yi a nice unmarked grave to occupy somewhere remote; concrete shoes may or may not be involved.
Posting to confirm that Spirit Dust gives credit upon completion, but credit is lost upon log out.

In addition, Cheng-Bo does not give credit, despite proper completion.
I have gotten Cheng-Bo to work. However I do have the spirit dust problem. I had it two days ago but it's not longer complete today.
Ive killed the Cheng-Bo boss many times without taking damage from any source and still have not received credit for this. Yet another bug
Five completions of Cheng-Bo without taking damage and still no credit.
Seems that Blizzard has introduced two new "monsters" to the game: fall monster and fire monster. After taking fall damage on my first days attempt and turning quests in with no credit, I persuaded a friend to help me out with this ach. I remained mounted while he killed the required mobs, and as I followed him around, I flew over the giant torch near Cheng-Bo and took 3 fire damage. The result was no credit for the achievement. Talk about lazy design, failing to discriminate between monsters and environmental damage, and then failing to communicate this flaw in the achievement description as well. Classic.
It would be really nice if a blue could acknowledge this bug, that has had several posts dedicated to it, and address when a fix is going in for this. This is nothing new and has been going on before and after the latest "known issues" update. Why is this being ignored? There is nothing fun about doing these dailies time and time again in hopes that it magically works one day.
For Cheng Bo and Uruk, if you take damage on the earlier related quests as well (the fire camp stuff for Cheng Bo and the gravesite stuff for Uruk), you don't get credit either. In addition, abandoning Cheng Bo and Uruk won't reset the check.

Pretty much? If you take damage at all from picking up the initial quests to completion, you fail.

Also, don't be mounted when you turn in the quests, that tends to make you not get credit too.

Have 'fun!'

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